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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

April 2011 Volume 27, Number 3

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Number of articles: 19

  1. Eliciting critical literacy narratives of bi/multilingual teacher candidates across U.S. teacher education contexts

    Terri L. Rodriguez & Hye-sun Cho

    This paper examines critical literacy narratives of bi/multilingual preservice teachers across contexts in the United States. It draws upon empirical data from two studies—a narrative inquiry with ... More

    pp. 496-504

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  2. Professional vision and the politics of teacher learning

    Adam Lefstein & Julia Snell

    This article explores the political dimensions of teacher learning, both in theoretical work on teacher professional vision, and in an empirical study of video-based teacher professional... More

    pp. 505-514

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  3. Students’ perceptions of career conversations with their teachers

    Kariene Mittendorff, Perry den Brok & Douwe Beijaard

    Internationally, schools acknowledge their responsibility in guiding students not only in their academic growth, but also in their lifelong career development. In relation to this development,... More

    pp. 515-523

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  4. Learning strategies and learning-related emotions among teacher trainees

    Simone Wittmann

    Teacher trainees are questioned about their strategic and emotional relationships with a key area of their future activity, learning. Characteristics of German teacher trainees are identified... More

    pp. 524-532

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  5. A synthesis of research concerning creative teachers in a Canadian context

    Rosemary C. Reilly, Frank Lilly, Gillian Bramwell & Neomi Kronish

    Effective teachers are often creative ones, yet an examination of creative teaching is largely invisible in the North American creativity literature. Even within education there is little about... More

    pp. 533-542

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  6. A survey of Greek general and special education teachers’ perceptions regarding the role of the special needs coordinator: Implications for educational policy on inclusion and teacher education

    Ioannis Agaliotis & Efrosini Kalyva

    The present study explored the perceptions of Greek general and special primary teachers regarding the role and the professional characteristics of special needs coordinators (SENCOs). According to... More

    pp. 543-551

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  7. Transformative learning and identity formation on the ‘smiling coast’ of West Africa

    Alan Hutchison & Tony Rea

    This paper outlines research undertaken during a study visit to The Gambia (2008) and our thinking about the value of this, and other such visits for education students. The qualitative methodology... More

    pp. 552-559

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  8. A completed research and development work project in school: The teachers’ learning and possibilities, premises and challenges for further development

    May Britt Postholm

    The article is based on a follow-up study of a research and development work project with school leaders and teachers conducted in a Norwegian lower secondary school. The purpose is to present an... More

    pp. 560-568

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  9. Teacher education, preservice teacher beliefs, and the moral work of teaching

    Matthew N. Sanger & Richard D. Osguthorpe

    This paper presents a case for attending to preservice teachers’ beliefs that are relevant to the moral work of teaching within teacher education research and practice, and examines what it would... More

    pp. 569-578

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  10. Investigating pre-service teacher motivation across cultures using the Teachers’ Ten Statements Test

    Robert M. Klassen, Said Al-Dhafri, Wanwisa Hannok & Shea M. Betts

    Motivations for choosing teaching as a career were investigated in 200 pre-service teachers from Canada and Oman. We used a novel structured qualitative approach and two theoretical models to... More

    pp. 579-588

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  11. Inclusion or exclusion?: A narrative inquiry of a language teacher’s identity experience in the ‘new work order’ of competing pedagogies

    Yongcan Liu & Yueting Xu

    This paper investigates how an EFL teacher negotiates her identity to adapt to the ‘new work order’ in an English education department at a university in China. From a narrative inquiry perspective... More

    pp. 589-597

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  12. Pre-service teachers’ goals and future-time extension, concerns, and well-being

    Hazel Hagger & Lars-Erik Malmberg

    Human goal-processes are conceptualised in an action-theoretic model of motivation, in line with discourse on self-directed teachers. Eighty-eight pre-service teachers reported ideographic... More

    pp. 598-608

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  13. Teacher epistemology and collective narratives: Interrogating teaching and diversity

    Susan Matoba Adler

    This action research study interrogates how one teacher educator analyzed her pedagogy and engaged her students in writing narratives about working with children, families, and co-workers who are... More

    pp. 609-618

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  14. Assessing student workload in Problem Based Learning: Relationships among teaching method, student workload and achievement. A case study in Natural Sciences

    José-Reyes Ruiz-Gallardo, Santiago Castaño, Juan J. Gómez-Alday & Arturo Valdés

    This study examines student workload after a change in teaching style from lecture to Problem Based Learning and Cooperative Learning, and its relationship with student outcomes. Results show that ... More

    pp. 619-627

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  15. Still motivated? The motivation for teaching during the second year in the profession

    Dag Roness

    This article presents the results from the third study in a longitudinal research project examining newly qualified teachers’ (NQTs) motivation for teaching and how they retrospectively value their... More

    pp. 628-638

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  16. Exploring preservice teachers’ metaphor plotlines

    Stefinee Pinnegar, Jessica Mangelson, Meredith Reed & Shaina Groves

    This study explores how entering female preservice teachers position themselves–the plotlines, obligations, responsibilities and duties they are prepared to enact, the expectations they hold for... More

    pp. 639-647

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  17. Teachers’ critical incidents: Ethical dilemmas in teaching practice

    Orly Shapira-Lishchinsky

    The aim of this study is to explore ethical dilemmas in critical incidents and the emerged responses that these incidents elicit. Most teachers try to suppress these incidences because of the... More

    pp. 648-656

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  18. Internationally educated female teachers in the neoliberal context: Their labour market and teacher certification experiences in Canada

    Susan C. Walsh, Susan M. Brigham & Yina Wang

    In this paper, we consider the difficulties that a group of internationally educated female teachers (female IETs) encountered in the process of seeking certification in the Canadian Maritimes. We ... More

    pp. 657-665

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  19. Funds of Knowledge: An investigation of coherence within the literature

    Linda Hogg

    Two decades ago academics based at the University of Arizona brought the anthropological concept of Funds of Knowledge into the educational realm, providing a new conceptual framework to counter... More

    pp. 666-677

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