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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

April 2010 Volume 26, Number 3

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Number of articles: 41

  1. Missing pages? A study of textbooks for Dutch early childhood teacher education

    Ruben G. Fukkink

    A content analysis of the textbooks used in the Dutch early childhood teacher education shows clear inconsistencies with the intended curriculum. Neither the content standards found in the... More

    pp. 371-376

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  2. Tracing the effects of teacher inquiry on classroom practice

    Bradley A. Ermeling

    Videotape and participant observation were used to document an American high school teacher workgroup's experience with collaborative teacher inquiry and to monitor changes in practice through two ... More

    pp. 377-388

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  3. How the structure and focus of teachers' collaborative activities facilitate and constrain teacher learning

    Thomas H. Levine & Alan S. Marcus

    What kinds of teacher collaboration are most likely to improve what teachers—and, ultimately, students—learn during their time in school? This study looks within and across different collaborative ... More

    pp. 389-398

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  4. Distilling wisdom from practice: Finding meaning in PDS stories

    Rick A. Breault

    Much of what has been written about the Professional Development School (PDS) experience consists of recounting personal experiences. However, these accounts often offer little to readers since... More

    pp. 399-407

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  5. Lesbian teachers, harassment and the workplace

    Tania Ferfolja

    Drawn from a larger study examining the experiences of lesbian teachers working in high schools across New South Wales (NSW), Australia, this article explores the ways in which interpersonal anti... More

    pp. 408-414

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  6. A training programme on managing science class interactions: Its impact on teachers' practises and on their pupils' achievement

    Ludovic Morge, Marie-Christine Toczek & Nadia Chakroun

    This research evaluates the impact of a training programme on trainee physics and chemistry teachers, focusing on the way pupils' explanations are dealt with during teacher-pupil interaction. The... More

    pp. 415-426

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  7. Exemplary mentors' perspectives towards mentoring across mentoring contexts: Lessons from collective case studies

    Lily Orland-Barak & Ronit Hasin

    Framed as collective case studies, this study examined the perspectives that mentors, who are considered exemplary in the field, exhibit towards mentoring in different mentoring contexts in the... More

    pp. 427-437

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  8. Are schools meeting their clients' expectations? Parents voice their perceptions about children learning to read in schools today

    Jo Fletcher, Janinka Greenwood & Faye Parkhill

    This research, as part of a larger project examining effective reading instruction for 10–12 year old students, explores the perceptions of thirteen parents in six schools. The study identified:... More

    pp. 438-446

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  9. Pre-service teachers' dispositions towards diversity: Arguing for a developmental hierarchy of change

    Carmen Mills & Julie Ballantyne

    This article explores Australian pre-service teachers' beliefs about and attitudes towards diversity. Building on Garmon's [Garmon, M. A. (2004). Changing preservice teachers' attitudes/beliefs... More

    pp. 447-454

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  10. Professional identity creation: Examining the development of beginning preservice teachers' understanding of their work as teachers

    Louise Sutherland, Sarah Howard & Lina Markauskaite

    The importance of reflection in supporting the continued professional learning of preservice practitioners is well recognised. This study examines one aspect of the outcomes of preservice teachers'... More

    pp. 455-465

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  11. Causes of tension in post-observation feedback in pre-service teacher training: An alternative view

    Fiona Copland

    A central component in pre-service teacher training is teaching practice and feedback. In some cases, feedback results in disquiet and tension (Brandt, 2008). Many researchers attribute this... More

    pp. 466-472

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  12. Getting recognised: Teachers negotiating professional identities as learners through talk

    Jennifer L. Cohen

    This paper presents findings from a qualitative study on teachers' negotiation of professional identity through talk with colleagues at an urban, public, Midwestern school in the United States. The... More

    pp. 473-481

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  13. Data-informed curriculum reform: Which data, what purposes, and promoting and hindering factors

    Kim Schildkamp & Wilmad Kuiper

    Schools face a lot of data on the functioning of their school which they can use to make improvements in teaching, learning and the organization. For data use to lead to improvement, it is... More

    pp. 482-496

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  14. The note of discord: Examining educational perspectives between teachers and Korean parents in the U. S

    Kyee Yum Kwon, Younjung Suh, Yoo-Seon Bang, Jeesun Jung & Seungho Moon

    This study examined and compared the educational perspectives of Korean parents of elementary school students and their teachers. 430 parents and 143 teachers in the New York metropolitan area... More

    pp. 497-506

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  15. Fearful symmetry: Palestinian and Jewish teachers confront contested narratives in integrated bilingual education

    Zvi Bekerman & Michalinos Zembylas

    The present paper deals with Jewish and Palestinian teachers who work in an integrated school in Israel, and shows the challenges and possibilities from examining these teachers' powerful... More

    pp. 507-515

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  16. Producing caring qualified teachers: An exploration of the influence of pre-service teacher concerns on learner-centeredness

    Karee E. Dunn & Glenda C. Rakes

    In a time where students in the United States academic performance continues to lag behind in the international rankings, a disconcerting phenomenon in concerns literature indicates that pre... More

    pp. 516-521

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  17. Preservice teachers' initial conceptions about assessment of science learning: The coherence with their views of learning science

    Jing-Ru Wang, Huey-Lien Kao & Sheau-Wen Lin

    This study utilized responses from Taiwanese preservice elementary teachers to describe and analyze their conceptions about the assessment of science learning and the extent that these conceptions ... More

    pp. 522-529

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  18. Student attitudes and the teaching and learning of race, culture and politics

    Kathleen J. Martin

    Although multicultural education and teaching for and to equity and diversity often are viewed in higher education as important around the globe, the mismatch between theory and public opinion can ... More

    pp. 530-539

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  19. Pattern of classroom activities during students’ use of computers: Relations between instructional strategies and computer applications

    Fethi A. Inan, Deborah L. Lowther, Steven M. Ross & Dan Strahl

    The purpose of this study was to identify instructional strategies used by teachers to support technology integration. In addition, relations between types of computer applications and teachers'... More

    pp. 540-546

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  20. Female Islamic Studies teachers in Saudi Arabia: A phenomenological study

    Mounira I. Jamjoom

    This study highlights on describing the experiences of Saudi Arabian female Islamic Studies teachers by exploring what is means to be an Islamic Studies teacher teaching in the current... More

    pp. 547-558

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