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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

February 2010 Volume 26, Number 2

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Number of articles: 23

  1. Discrimination, performance and recuperation: How teachers and pupils challenge and recover discourses of sexualities in schools

    David Nixon

    This article seeks to examine the ways in which a heteronormative discourse dominates the practice and policies of schools in respect of sexualities. Such heteronormativity produces discrimination ... More

    pp. 145-151

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  2. Teachers' approaches towards word problem solving: Elaborating or restricting the problem context

    Fien Depaepe, Erik De Corte & Lieven Verschaffel

    This contribution reports about a seven-month long video-based study in two regular Flemish sixth-grade mathematics classrooms. The focus is on teachers' approaches towards problem solving. In our ... More

    pp. 152-160

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  3. Mathematics for teaching: A form of applied mathematics

    Gabriel J. Stylianides & Andreas J. Stylianides

    In this article we elaborate a conceptualisation of mathematics for teaching as a form of applied mathematics (using Bass's idea of characterising mathematics education as a form of applied... More

    pp. 161-172

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  4. Classroom-level curriculum development: EFL teachers as curriculum-developers, curriculum-makers and curriculum-transmitters

    Saad F. Shawer

    This qualitative study aimed to explore teacher curriculum approaches and the strategies attached to each approach because they influence the taught curriculum, teacher development and student... More

    pp. 173-184

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  5. Using embedded assessments to promote pedagogical reasoning among secondary teaching candidates

    Peter Youngs & Tom Bird

    The purpose of this documentary account is twofold. First, we describe two strategic instructional assignments embedded in university courses at a large research institution in the United States... More

    pp. 185-198

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  6. University teacher competencies in a virtual teaching/learning environment: Analysis of a teacher training experience

    Teresa Guasch, Ibis Alvarez & Anna Espasa

    This paper attempts to shed light on the competencies a university teacher must have in order to teach in virtual learning environments. A teacher training experience was designed by taking into... More

    pp. 199-206

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  7. Uncovering contents of mentor teachers' interactive cognitions during mentoring dialogues

    Paul Hennissen, Frank Crasborn, Niels Brouwer, Fred Korthagen & Theo Bergen

    In the context of developing mentor teachers' use of supervisory skills, two consecutive studies were conducted, using stimulated recall. Firstly, with eight participants, an instrument was... More

    pp. 207-214

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  8. Understanding Singaporean preschool teachers' beliefs about literacy development: Four different perspectives

    Christina Lim

    Investigating teachers' beliefs may shed light on their activities in the classroom, and in turn, on the pedagogical process itself. It is, however, not easy to study teachers' beliefs empirically.... More

    pp. 215-224

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  9. Looking through the lens of a teacher's life: The power of prototypical stories in understanding teachers' instructional decisions in mathematics

    Janet Hart Frost

    The focus of this narrative inquiry was to examine how teachers describe influences on their instructional decisions in mathematics. Using a lens provided by pivotal or prototypical stories... More

    pp. 225-233

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  10. Teacher identity in the context of literacy teaching: Three explorations of classroom positioning and interaction in secondary schools

    Leigh A. Hall, Amy Suzanne Johnson, Mary M. Juzwik, Stanton E.F. Wortham & Melissa Mosley

    This article presents the results of three separate studies of literacy teaching and learning in the U.S. that explore the social functions of language, specifically focused on the identity... More

    pp. 234-243

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  11. Technologically and artistically enhanced multi-sensory computer-programming education

    Zoltan Katai & Laszlo Toth

    Over the last decades more and more research has analysed relatively new or rediscovered teaching–learning concepts like blended, hybrid, multi-sensory or technologically enhanced learning. This... More

    pp. 244-251

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  12. ICT professional development for teachers in online forums: Analysing the role of discussion

    Sarah Prestridge

    This paper explores the role of engaging teachers in constructive dialogue within ICT professional development activity. As part of an ICT professional development program, sixteen teachers across ... More

    pp. 252-258

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  13. The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) project: The relationship of inclusive teaching practices to teachers' beliefs about disability and ability, and about their roles as teachers

    Anne Jordan, Christine Glenn & Donna McGhie-Richmond

    The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) project consists of studies that examine the relationship between elementary general education teachers' beliefs about disability and ability and their roles... More

    pp. 259-266

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  14. School cultures as contexts for informal teacher learning

    Elena Jurasaite-Harbison & Lesley A. Rex

    This study profiles and compares international social contexts for teacher workplace informal learning from the teachers' perspectives. Set in elementary schools in the U.S. and Lithuania, the... More

    pp. 267-277

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  15. School experience influences on pre-service teachers' evolving beliefs about effective teaching

    Wan Ng, Howard Nicholas & Alan Williams

    This study systematically tracked a group of 37 pre-service teachers' evolving beliefs about and perceptions of themselves and their experiences from the initial data collection prior to any... More

    pp. 278-289

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  16. Prospective teachers' metaphorical conceptualizations of learner

    Ahmet Saban

    This study investigated the metaphorical images that prospective teachers in Turkey formulated to describe learners. Participants (N = 2847) completed the prompt “A student is like … because …” to ... More

    pp. 290-305

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  17. Peer coaching and pre-service teachers: Examining an underutilised concept

    Linda R. Britton & Kenneth A. Anderson

    The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of peer coaching on the classroom practices of pre-service teachers. Four teacher interns learned peer coaching functions and techniques before ... More

    pp. 306-314

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  18. Teacher candidates' transformative thinking on issues of social justice

    Rona Frederick, Agnes Cave & Kathleen C. Perencevich

    This article examined how teacher candidates' thoughts shifted regarding social inequity in a sophomore-level Foundations of Education course located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States... More

    pp. 315-322

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  19. Social studies teacher candidates' views on the controversial issues incorporated into their courses in Turkey

    A. Figen Ersoy

    Incorporating controversial issues into pre-service teacher education provides teacher candidates with opportunities not only to gain effective civic competence but also to develop skills and... More

    pp. 323-334

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  20. “ They taught me”: The benefits of early community-based field experiences in teacher education

    Heather Coffey

    Research in teacher education suggests that field experiences in community settings can offer pre-service teachers a context for understanding the link between theory and practice. This paper... More

    pp. 335-342

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