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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

February 2009 Volume 25, Number 2

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Number of articles: 17

  1. Narrative inquiry for teacher education and development: Focus on English as a foreign language in China

    Shijing Xu & F. Michael Connelly

    Teacher education and development takes place within an encompassing local system of education and ongoing forms of school improvement. Critical to successful teacher development when Western ideas... More

    pp. 219-227

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  2. Exploring prospective teachers' critical thinking: Case-based pedagogy and the standards of professional practice

    Lorenzo Cherubini

    This qualitative constructivist research study employed a unique professional case-based pedagogy to investigate how concurrent Education undergraduate students made sense of the complex dilemmas... More

    pp. 228-234

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  3. The association of school environment to student teachers' satisfaction and teaching commitment

    Shwu-yong L. Huang & Hersh C. Waxman

    A supportive school environment is crucial to the enhancement of student teaching experiences. This study assesses student teachers' perceptions of secondary school environments, and then relates... More

    pp. 235-243

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  4. How to capture growth? – Video narratives as an instrument for assessment in teacher education

    Anne Bannink

    Portfolios are widely used as instruments for assessment in initial teacher education courses. They are claimed to present a comprehensive picture of student teachers' knowledge and performance.... More

    pp. 244-250

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  5. Situated in school scripts: Contextual early childhood teaching

    Jolyn Blank

    This article presents findings from a qualitative case study of a public Montessori magnet school in the United States. It focuses on two teachers' experiences, identifying how their teaching is... More

    pp. 251-258

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  6. Teachers' views on understanding evolutionary theory: A PCK-study in the framework of the ERTE-model

    Esther M. van Dijk

    The study of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) that is presented in this paper aims to obtain an impression of teachers' knowledge and beliefs concerning teaching evolutionary theory. The... More

    pp. 259-267

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  7. “Muddying the clear waters”: Teachers' take-up of the linguistic idea of revoicing

    Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, Corey Drake & Michelle Cirillo

    This article examines a collaborative study group's discussions about “revoicing,” an idea from linguistics that has been identified as an important discourse strategy in the teaching of... More

    pp. 268-277

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  8. When intentions and reality clash: Inherent implementation difficulties of an induction program for new teachers

    Barbara Fresko & Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija

    New teachers are often required to go through an induction program in order to become fully certified. Induction programs are varied and the overall picture regarding their implementation is uneven... More

    pp. 278-284

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  9. Exploring a triad model of student teaching: Pre-service teacher and cooperating teacher perceptions

    Karen Goodnough, Pamela Osmond, David Dibbon, Marc Glassman & Ken Stevens

    In the student teaching triad model adopted in this study, pairs of pre-service teachers worked collaboratively with cooperating teachers during a 12-week field experience. The main objectives of... More

    pp. 285-296

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  10. Supporting presence in teacher education: The connection between the personal and professional aspects of teaching

    Paulien C. Meijer, Fred A.J. Korthagen & Angelo Vasalos

    This study follows one individual student teacher during a period of one single school year in which she was supported in developing ‘presence’ while teaching. The notion of ‘presence’ was... More

    pp. 297-308

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  11. What we're teaching teachers: An analysis of multicultural teacher education coursework syllabi

    Paul C. Gorski

    This study is an examination of syllabi from multicultural teacher education (MTE) courses taught across the United States. Using qualitative content analysis and drawing on existing typologies for... More

    pp. 309-318

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  12. Pre-service teacher education students' epistemological beliefs and their conceptions of teaching

    May M.H. Cheng, Kwok-Wai Chan, Sylvia Y.F. Tang & Annie Y.N. Cheng

    A study using both quantitative and qualitative methods was conducted in the final year of a Bachelor of Education programme to examine the student-teachers' epistemological beliefs and conceptions... More

    pp. 319-327

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  13. When two elephants fight the grass suffers: Parents and teachers working together to support the literacy development of Sudanese youth

    Doris Walker-Dalhouse & A. Derick Dalhouse

    Reading achievement and academic challenges of Sudanese children were investigated. Sudanese parents, and their children, and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers were interviewed. Parents' ... More

    pp. 328-335

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  14. Gender theory as a tool for analyzing science teaching

    Kristina Andersson, Anita Hussénius & Christina Gustafsson

    This study examines to what extent experienced teachers are aware of gender issues in the science classroom. It also explores how an introduction to gender theory might alter this awareness.... More

    pp. 336-343

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  15. Benefits of collaborative action research for the beginning teacher

    Sidney N. Mitchell, Rosemary C. Reilly & Mary Ellin Logue

    Beginning teachers are confronted with many issues as they begin their teaching careers, issues, such as classroom management, individual differences, behaviour problems, dealing with parents, and ... More

    pp. 344-349

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  16. Assessing in-service teachers' instructional beliefs about student-centered education: A Turkish perspective

    Nesrin Isikoglu, Ramazan Basturk & Feyyaz Karaca

    The main purpose of this research is to examine in-service teachers' instructional beliefs about student-centered education. The inventory was designed to measure teachers' student-centered... More

    pp. 350-356

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  17. Grounding practice in scholarship, grounding scholarship in practice: Knowledge of a mathematics teacher educator–researcher

    Jennifer B. Chauvot

    Despite the acknowledged complexity of the expertise of teacher educators (Cochran-Smith, M. (2003). Learning and unlearning: the education of teacher educators. Teaching and Teacher Education, 19,... More

    pp. 357-370

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