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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 23, Number 4

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Number of articles: 15

  1. Service learning and literacy tutoring: Academic impact on pre-service teachers

    Steven Michael Hart & James R. King

    How does service learning impact content acquisition? Undergraduate pre-service teachers participating in a literacy tutoring service-learning experience are compared with pre-service teachers... More

    pp. 323-338

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  2. The perceived significance of the supervisor, the assistant, and parents for career development of beginning kindergarten teachers

    Izhar Oplatka & Mervar Eizenberg

    Whereas much research attention has been given to the induction stage of beginning schoolteachers worldwide, there is a limited knowledge base on the experiences of new kindergarten teachers at... More

    pp. 339-354

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  3. Emotional ecology: The intersection of emotional knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in teaching

    Michalinos Zembylas

    The purpose of this paper is to offer some theoretical as well as empirical examples that describe the interrelations between pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and emotional knowledge in teaching... More

    pp. 355-367

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  4. Colleagues’ roles in the professional development of teachers: Results from a research study of National Board certification

    Soonhye Park, J. Steve Oliver, Tara Star Johnson, Peg Graham & Nicholas K. Oppong

    This study investigated the nature of interaction among teachers that occurred around the National Board certification (NBC) process and how that collegial interaction influenced teachers’... More

    pp. 368-389

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  5. Developing whole school pedagogical values—A case of going through the ethos of “good schooling”

    Jukka Husu & Kirsi Tirri

    In this paper, we investigate the content and structure of teachers’ pedagogical values. We have used the process of value clarification with 24 teachers to encourage them to recognize and... More

    pp. 390-401

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  6. Teachers’ conceptions of teacher-research and self-perceptions as enquiring practitioners—A longitudinal case study

    José Reis-Jorge

    Recognizing the importance teachers’ own voices play in their own professional development, the case study reported in this paper aims to illuminate the role that formal instruction and immersion... More

    pp. 402-417

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  7. Collaborative action research and project work: Promising practices for developing collaborative inquiry among early childhood preservice teachers

    Mary Jane Moran

    Excerpts from case studies of two preservice teaching teams exemplify a new approach for merging research and practice within an introductory early childhood methods course. Through participation... More

    pp. 418-431

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  8. Teacher's Myers-Briggs personality profiles: Identifying effective teacher personality traits

    Stephen Rushton, Jackson Morgan & Michael Richard

    The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Beiderman Risk Taking (BRT) scale were administered to 58 teachers living in the state of Florida, USA. These teachers are considered part of prestigious ... More

    pp. 432-441

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  9. Portfolio appraisal: In search of criteria

    Harm Tillema & Kari Smith

    Two inherently contradictory forces are pushing for reform in portfolio assessment. On the one hand there is a felt need for creating more rigid standards that operate to promote uniformity of... More

    pp. 442-456

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  10. Studying learning processes of student teachers with stimulated recall interviews through changes in interactive cognitions

    Annemie Schepens, Antonia Aelterman & Hilde Van Keer

    This article describes a qualitative study into student teachers’ learning processes through changes in their interactive cognitions. First, theoretical propositions about the relation between... More

    pp. 457-472

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  11. An alternative conception of mentor–novice relationships: Learning to teach in reform-minded ways as a context

    Jian Wang & Sandra J. Odell

    Teacher educators have suggested that mentoring has the potential to help novices learn to teach in reform-minded ways. This suggestion implies a change in the nature of mentor–novice relationships... More

    pp. 473-489

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  12. Sustaining and retaining beginning special educators: It takes a village

    Rebecca Swanson Gehrke & Kathleen McCoy

    The need to support and retain beginning teachers has become critical given: (1) the shortage of teachers in certain disciplines, and (2) the current emphasis on teacher qualifications and student ... More

    pp. 490-500

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  13. The preparation of teachers for multigrade teaching

    Catherine Mulryan-Kyne

    A large proportion of teachers throughout the world teach in multigrade classrooms, or classes with more than one grade level. It is reliably predicted that the number of multigrade classes will... More

    pp. 501-514

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  14. How young teachers experience their professional work in Chile

    Beatrice Avalos & Pilar Aylwin

    This paper presents results from a qualitative study of 15 neophyte teachers in Chile who were part of a survey of 242 teachers in two geographical regions of the country. They were studied on the ... More

    pp. 515-528

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  15. School climate and teacher beliefs in a school effectively serving poor South Carolina (USA) African-American students: A case study

    Kimberly E. Brown & Frederic J. Medway

    This study examined the roles of school climate, teacher expectations, and instructional practices in one elementary school in South Carolina (USA) that produced effective achievement outcomes with... More

    pp. 529-540

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