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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 22, Number 2

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Number of articles: 9

  1. (Re)visions to a secondary teacher education course: Trials and triumphs in attempting to disrupt hegemonic understandings and performances of education

    Patricia L. Bullock & Debra M. Freedman

    The purpose of this paper is to explore curricular (re)visions made over the span of two semesters to a required secondary teacher education course. Specifically, we focus on our trials and... More

    pp. 135-149

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  2. Assessment during project work

    M.B. Postholm

    Assessment can be conducted in various ways in school, and has also different purposes. In this paper the focus is on pupil assessment during project work. The article touches on the aim of... More

    pp. 150-163

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  3. Multiculturalism in schools: The professional absorption of immigrant teachers from the former USSR into the education system in Israel

    Orly Michael

    The purpose of this research was to determine the professional absorption of immigrant teachers from the Former Soviet Union in comparison to veteran teachers11Veteran teachers—this term is used to... More

    pp. 164-178

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  4. The collaborative apprenticeship model: Situated professional development within school settings

    Evan M. Glazer & Michael J. Hannafin

    Professional learning is a social enterprise where peers rely on the expertise and support of one another to adopt innovative practices. Reciprocal interactions in a community of practice, where... More

    pp. 179-193

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  5. Powerful pedagogy: Learning from and about teaching in an elementary literacy course

    Clarissa S. Thompson

    Pedagogy is an important aspect of teacher education, and the teacher educator's pedagogy can help the preservice teacher understand the complexities inherent in teaching. This study examined one... More

    pp. 194-204

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  6. Preservice teachers’ inquiry in a professional development school context: Implications for the practicum

    Lucy Mule

    Professional development school (PDS) contexts are increasingly being viewed as powerful sites for the preparation of future teachers in the USA. One of their documented strengths is in the... More

    pp. 205-218

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  7. Contexts which shape and reshape new teachers’ identities: A multi-perspective study

    Maria Assunção Flores & Christopher Day

    This paper presents the major findings of a longitudinal study of teachers’ professional identities in the early years of teaching. It analyzes key influences upon the ways in which new teachers’... More

    pp. 219-232

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  8. Teaching in elementary school: Perceptions of foreign-trained teacher candidates on their teaching practicum

    Johanne Myles, Liying Cheng & Hong Wang

    The Alternative Teacher Accreditation Program for Teachers with International Experience (ATAPTIE) is a special Bachelor of Education program funded by the Ontario government in Canada to provide... More

    pp. 233-245

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  9. The multimode programme as a variation of research-based teacher education

    Heikki Kynäslahti, Pertti Kansanen, Riitta Jyrhämä, Leena Krokfors, Katriina Maaranen & Auli Toom

    A pilot study is presented of a multimode teacher education programme as a variation of the research-based approach to teacher education. The research-based approach has been characterised as one... More

    pp. 246-256

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