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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 22, Number 1

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Teacher characteristics and teaching styles as effectiveness enhancing factors of classroom practice

    Marie-Christine Opdenakker & Jan Van Damme

    This study examined effects of teacher characteristics (gender, teacher education and certification, class management skills and job satisfaction) and teaching styles on indicators of good... More

    pp. 1-21

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  2. The impact of an alternative model of student teacher supervision: Views of the participants

    Elizabeth K. Wilson

    This study examines the views of student teachers, classroom teachers, and university-based personnel who participated in an alternative model of student teacher supervision and traditional triad... More

    pp. 22-31

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  3. Teacher educators as researchers: A profile of research in Israeli teacher colleges versus university departments of education

    Sima Yogev & Abraham Yogev

    The teacher research movement has encouraged the development of practitioner research action-oriented and reflective studies among teachers and teacher educators alike. This study compares the... More

    pp. 32-41

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  4. The student-as-bricoleur: Making sense of research paradigms

    Diane L. Schnelker

    Although there is consensus that qualitative approaches to social research are distinguished from quantitative approaches by their fundamental philosophical systems, there is resistance to... More

    pp. 42-57

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  5. Goal-orientation and teacher motivation among teacher applicants and student teachers

    Lars-Erik Malmberg

    The relationship between goal-orientation, intrinsic/extrinsic motivation for the teaching profession, previous achievement and entrance scores was investigated among teacher applicants (Study 1; N... More

    pp. 58-76

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  6. Preparing for professional experiences—incorporating pre-service teachers as ‘communities of practice’

    Cheryl Sim

    This paper focuses on a model of delivery of professional experience courses for pre-service teachers that has been running in the author's institution for 9 years. The overall purpose of the model... More

    pp. 77-83

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  7. What makes a good induction supporter?

    Janice H. Rippon & Margaret Martin

    The Teacher Induction Scheme, introduced in 2002, marked the first major change to new teacher induction in Scotland in 37 years. This paper gives an outline of these changes set against... More

    pp. 84-99

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  8. Reframing one's teaching: Discovering our teacher selves through reflection and inquiry

    Anne R. Freese

    Learning to teach is a highly complex and multidimensional process. This self-study, conducted collaboratively by a preservice teacher and a teacher educator, traces one preservice teacher's... More

    pp. 100-119

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  9. The emotional labour of caring in teaching

    Lynn Isenbarger & Michalinos Zembylas

    This article is based on a collaborative action research study between one teacher and a teacher educator and provides an account of the emotional labour in enacting caring teaching in an inclusive... More

    pp. 120-134

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