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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 21, Number 6

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Classroom-based assessment: Changing knowledge and practice through preservice teacher education

    Peg Graham

    In this paper, the author investigates how the working assessment theories and practices of preservice teachers change in the enactment of those theories and practices in a mentored learning... More

    pp. 607-621

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  2. Active learning in the process of educational change

    Eija Kimonen & Raimo Nevalainen

    The findings reported in this article form part of a wider comparative research project investigating the active learning of teachers and of pupils in the educational practices of eight countries. ... More

    pp. 623-635

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  3. Emily and Rebecca: A tale of two teachers

    Susan W. Brown

    Using a qualitative study, two teachers, Emily and Rebecca, who started their teaching careers in their forties were interviewed and followed for 3 years to document their experiences in the... More

    pp. 637-648

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  4. The flight from experience to representation: Seeing relational complexity in teacher education

    Margaret Macintyre Latta & James C. Field

    Gaining access to the inherent relational complexity of teaching/learning situations is essential to learning to teach. As teacher educators our work with prospective teachers indicates that... More

    pp. 649-660

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  5. The impact of the computerization of a high school's pedagogical administration on homeroom teacher–parents interrelations: A case study

    Moshe Telem

    The introduction of a school management information system (SMIS) in an urban vocational high school, located in a middle-class socio-economic neighborhood, notably affected the learning, behavior ... More

    pp. 661-678

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  6. Mind activity in teaching and mentoring

    Patricia J. Norman & Sharon Feiman-Nemser

    Increasingly educators and policy makers recognize that new teachers need help making the transition to independent teaching. One particularly important role mentor teachers can play is to help... More

    pp. 679-697

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  7. Understanding and assessing preservice teachers’ reflective thinking

    Hea-Jin Lee

    This study reviews the criteria for assessing reflective thinking, and investigates how the process of reflective thinking develops in preservice teachers. Reflections of preservice teachers are... More

    pp. 699-715

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  8. Pre-service teachers’ perceptions in beginning education classes

    Walter Fajet, Manuel Bello, Suzette Ahwee Leftwich, Judith L. Mesler & Annis N. Shaver

    Based on research concerning the influence and persistence of beliefs about teaching that pre-service teachers (students who are not yet teaching professionally) bring with them to their courses.... More

    pp. 717-727

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  9. Teachers’ classroom discipline and student misbehavior in Australia, China and Israel

    Ramon Lewis, Shlomo Romi, Xing Qui & Yaacov J. Katz

    This paper reports students’ perceptions of the classroom discipline strategies utilized in Australia, China and Israel. It examines data from 748 teachers and 5521 students to identify how... More

    pp. 729-741

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