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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 21, Number 5

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Learning through interactive talk: A school-based mentor teacher study group as a context for professional learning

    David Carroll

    This article reports on a year-long study of collaborative professional learning in a mentor teacher study group connected to a large university teacher education program. It introduces a... More

    pp. 457-473

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  2. ‘I’ve decided to become a teacher’: Influences on career change

    Paul W. Richardson & Helen M.G. Watt

    The present study explored reasons behind graduates’ decisions to pursue teaching as a career, in a 1-year pre-service teacher education program at an Australian university, located in Melbourne (N... More

    pp. 475-489

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  3. Practices and beliefs in mistake-handling activities: A video study of Italian and US mathematics lessons

    Rossella Santagata

    Although psychological theories assign to mistakes a fundamental role in the learning process and suggest ways to deal with them, only few studies have analyzed ways teacher–student interactions... More

    pp. 491-508

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  4. Preparing teachers to teach science and mathematics with technology: Developing a technology pedagogical content knowledge

    M.L. Niess

    Preservice teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) development was investigated with respect to integrating technology. Four components of PCK were adapted to describe technology-enhanced PCK... More

    pp. 509-523

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  5. From beginning teacher education to professional teaching: A study of the thinking of Hong Kong primary science teachers

    Winnie W.M. So & David A. Watkins

    This is a longitudinal study of the thinking about teaching science of beginning Hong Kong primary teachers. The research explores how their thinking changed from pre-service teacher education... More

    pp. 525-541

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  6. Comparing two teacher development programs for innovating reading comprehension instruction with regard to teachers’ experiences and student outcomes

    Hilde Van Keer & Jean Pierre Verhaeghe

    This study compared a year-round intensive coaching of teachers (35h) with a restricted in-service course (13h), designed on the basis of research-based components of effective professional... More

    pp. 543-562

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  7. Reform, standards and teacher identity: Challenges of sustaining commitment

    Christopher Day, Bob Elliot & Alison Kington

    Teacher commitment has been found to be a critical predictor of teachers’ work performance, absenteeism, retention, burnout and turnover, as well as having an important influence on students’... More

    pp. 563-577

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