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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 21, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Let's hear it from the males: Issues facing male primary school teachers

    P. Cushman

    As the number of male teachers in primary schools continues to decrease, the resultant gender imbalance has become the focus of increased discussion and debate. While the reasons for the decline in... More

    pp. 227-240

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  2. Professional development in a culture of inquiry: PDS teachers identify the benefits of professional learning communities

    Jennifer L. Snow-Gerono

    Teacher researchers in a Professional Development School context identify two important shifts in traditional school cultures in order for teacher inquiry to thrive as a means for teacher... More

    pp. 241-256

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  3. Teachers’ perceived efficacy among English as a foreign language teachers in middle schools in Venezuela

    Carmen Teresa Chacón

    Teachers’ sense of efficacy has been shown to influence teachers’ actions and student outcomes. This study explored self-efficacy beliefs among English as a Foreign Language teachers in selected... More

    pp. 257-272

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  4. How effective is school discipline in preparing students to become responsible citizens? Slovenian teachers’ and students’ views

    Mateja Ps˘under

    Effective schoolwork includes discipline. Which disciplinary approach, however, is the most effective in a democratic society, and are schools practicing it? In this study 55 class teachers of 11... More

    pp. 273-286

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  5. Training higher education teachers for instructional design of competency-based education: Product-oriented versus process-oriented worked examples

    Albert W.M. Hoogveld, Fred Paas & Wim M.G. Jochems

    Teachers involved in the development of competency-based higher education (CBE) are expected to fulfil a new role of instructional designer. As a consequence, they are confronted with the problem... More

    pp. 287-297

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  6. The impact of student characteristics and teacher efficacy on teachers’ predictions of student success

    Nelly Tournaki & David M. Podell

    This study examined how the interaction between student and teacher characteristics affects teachers’ predictions of students’ academic and social success. Three hundred and eighty-four general... More

    pp. 299-314

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  7. Learning to teach, learning to inquire: A 3-year study of teacher candidates’ experiences

    Renate Schulz & David Mandzuk

    In this study, the authors report on their research into the inquiry component of a newly conceptualized pre-service teacher education program. In a series of focus group discussions conducted over... More

    pp. 315-331

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