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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

January 2005 Volume 21, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Teacher receptiveness toward web-based training and support

    Dana C. Bishop, Steven M. Giles & Kelvin S. Bryant

    This paper describes a training and support website for teachers of the All Stars problem behavior prevention program. Training and support were primarily provided with instructional tips sent via ... More

    pp. 3-14

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  2. A variety of roles for a new type of teacherEducational technology and the teaching profession

    Monique Volman

    This article focuses on the implications of the integration of computer technology into education for teachers, the teaching profession and the educational labor market. A Delphi study was done,... More

    pp. 15-31

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  3. Teaching and learning in rural Mexico: a portrait of student responsibility in everyday school life

    Lynn A. Bryan & H. James McLaughlin

    In this study, we examined on the sociocultural environment and personal experiences of children from a rural Mexican escuela unitaria (one-room, one-teacher school), because many of our immigrant ... More

    pp. 33-48

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  4. The development of mathematical competence in Flemish preservice elementary school teachers

    Lieven Verschaffel, Steven Janssens & Rianne Janssen

    A large-scale longitudinal study was conducted in which the elementary mathematical knowledge and skills of a large group of Flemish preservice elementary school teachers from 15 different... More

    pp. 49-63

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  5. What the teaching perspectives of cooperating teachers tell us about their advisory practices

    Anthony Clarke & Sandra Jarvis-Selinger

    This study drew upon the recently developed Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) to compare and contrast the teaching perspectives of cooperating teachers against a range of demographic data... More

    pp. 65-78

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  6. New directions in preparing professionals: examining issues in engaging students in communities of practice through a school–university partnership

    Louise M. Sutherland, Lesley A. Scanlon & Anthony Sperring

    A new school–university partnership in NSW has created exciting opportunities for preservice teacher preparation. The paper examines the results of a pilot study and outlines the main teacher... More

    pp. 79-92

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  7. Teacher research and school change: paradoxes, problems, and possibilities

    Jennifer Garvey Berger, Katherine C. Boles & Vivian Troen

    This paper explores the link between teacher research and whole school change. As the authors investigated three US schools described as having close ties between teacher research and school... More

    pp. 93-105

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