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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 20, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Finding balance: impact of classroom management conceptions on developing teacher practice

    Susan D Martin

    A sociocultural perspective on teacher learning was used to investigate how three beginning teachers’ conceptions of classroom management affected their developing teaching practices. Students were... More

    pp. 405-422

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  2. Reconceptualising the visual in narrative inquiry into teaching

    Greer Cavallaro Johnson

    This paper reports on a study that attempts to encourage teachers to use a visual and verbal approach to storytelling as a method of critical reflection. It demonstrates and discusses how one... More

    pp. 423-434

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  3. Collaboration and self-regulation in teachers’ professional development

    Deborah L Butler, Helen Novak Lauscher, Sandra Jarvis-Selinger & Beverly Beckingham

    This paper describes a professional development model with promise for supporting meaningful shifts in practice. We begin by introducing the theoretical principles underlying our professional... More

    pp. 435-455

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  4. Narrative, diversity, and teacher education

    JoAnn Phillion & F.Michael Connelly

    This paper explores a narrative approach to diversity in teacher education. One story is presented, initially without context; as layers of context are added additional possible readings of the... More

    pp. 457-471

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  5. Cultural models of care in teaching: a case study of one pre-service secondary teacher

    Mary Louise Gomez, Anna-Ruth Allen & Katherine Clinton

    In this paper, we present a theorized case study of one pre-service teacher's understanding and practices of care in teaching. We argue that the notion of care can be used as a lens through which... More

    pp. 473-488

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  6. Revisiting pedagogical content knowledge: the pedagogy of content/the content of pedagogy

    Avner Segall

    This paper revisits the prevalent concept of pedagogical content knowledge and examines how (and when) each of its components works with/on/against the other in the production of meaning and... More

    pp. 489-504

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  7. Moving beyond collusion: clinical faculty and university/public school partnership

    Robert V Bullough, Roni Jo Draper, Leigh Smith & James R Birrell

    Drawing on interviews with clinical and university-based teacher educators and administrators, the authors explore the challenges of building and sustaining collaborative university/school... More

    pp. 505-521

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  8. Initial knowledge states about assessment: novice teachers’ conceptualisations

    Effie Maclellan

    To describe their knowledge of assessment, specifically prepared scripts from 30 novice teachers were content analysed. Knowledge of the formative–summative mode was evident in all scripts but the ... More

    pp. 523-535

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