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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

April 2004 Volume 20, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. School science constrained: print experiences in two elementary classrooms

    Patricia M Rowell & Margaretha Ebbers

    Little is known about the ways in which teachers in elementary classrooms scaffold opportunities for students to engage with print resources during science inquiry lessons. Case studies have been... More

    pp. 217-230

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  2. Trying to teach well: a story of small discoveries

    P.J. Lewis

    How can we teach well? Perhaps we can find answers through our stories from the classroom. It is through our stories that we make sense of our experience. The potential for shared... More

    pp. 231-242

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  3. Reflection as a visible outcome for preservice teachers

    John R Ward & Suzanne S McCotter

    As the standards movement progresses, efforts to encourage reflection by student teachers are often undermined. In this piece, we analyze exemplars of student teacher reflection coming from two... More

    pp. 243-257

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  4. Teacher representations of the successful use of computer-based tools and resources in secondary-school English, mathematics and science

    Kenneth Ruthven, Sara Hennessy & Sue Brindley

    This study investigated professional thinking about pedagogical aspects of technology use in mainstream classroom practice. It focuses on the systems of ideas which frame teacher accounts of the... More

    pp. 259-275

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  5. Influence of teacher empowerment on teachers’ organizational commitment, professional commitment and organizational citizenship behavior in schools

    Ronit Bogler & Anit Somech

    The present study focuses on the relationship between teacher empowerment and teachers’ organizational commitment, professional commitment (PC) and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). It... More

    pp. 277-289

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  6. Teaching a foreign language: one teacher's practical theory

    Francis Mangubhai, Perce Marland, Ann Dashwood & Jeong-Bae Son

    In recent decades, teachers of second languages in many countries, including Australia, have been encouraged to use an approach known as communicative language teaching (CLT). This approach... More

    pp. 291-311

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  7. Australian and Chinese teacher efficacy: similarities and differences in personal instruction, discipline, guidance efficacy and beliefs in external determinants

    Irene T Ho & Kit-Tai Hau

    The present research examined and compared Australian and Chinese teachers’ personal efficacy in instruction, discipline, guidance and beliefs about external influences. Two staged studies were... More

    pp. 313-323

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