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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

2003 Volume 19, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Learning and unlearning: the education of teacher educators

    Marilyn Cochran-Smith

    Despite the many expectations that US and other teacher educators around the world are striving to meet, there has been little attention to development of a curriculum for educating teacher... More

    pp. 5-28

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  2. Teacher educators and student-directed learning

    Mieke Lunenberg & Fred A.J Korthagen

    This article describes the results of a study on the views of teacher educators, and the way these views are expressed in practice. The study focuses on views of learning and teaching that can... More

    pp. 29-44

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  3. Mentoring as a journey

    Allen Awaya, Hunter McEwan, Deborah Heyler, Sandy Linsky, Donna Lum & Pamela Wakukawa

    The role of the mentor as opposed to that of co-operating teacher is increasingly viewed as important in the process of guiding student teachers’ work in the field. This paper focuses attention on ... More

    pp. 45-56

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  4. Teaching with a peer: a comparison of two models of student teaching

    Robert V. Bullough, Janet Young, James R. Birrell, D. Cecil Clark, M. Winston Egan, Lynnette Erickson, Marti Frankovich, Joanne Brunetti & Myra Welling

    Two models of student teaching were compared: the traditional model of placing one student teacher with a mentor teacher and a peer teaching model, where two student teachers worked with one mentor... More

    pp. 57-73

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  5. Learning to teach with mandated curriculum and public examination of teaching as contexts

    Jian Wang & Lynn W. Paine

    This case study explores how a Chinese beginning teacher developed her professional knowledge of mathematics instruction under the influences of a mandated curriculum and a contrived teaching... More

    pp. 75-94

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  6. Learning to teach English language during the first year: personal influences and challenges

    Thomas S.C Farrell

    The transition from the teacher training institution to the secondary school classroom is characterized by a type of reality shock in which the ideals that were formed during teacher training are... More

    pp. 95-111

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  7. Intrapsychic conflict experienced by a preservice teacher during classroom interactions: a case study in physical education

    Stefano Bertone, Jacques Méard, Jean-Paul Euzet, Luc Ria & Marc Durand

    The purpose of this case study was to characterize the intrapsychic conflicts experienced by a pre-service teacher (Karin) during interactions with secondary school students in a physical education... More

    pp. 113-125

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  8. On-line writing: a link to learning in a teacher education program

    Jane Mitchell

    This paper examines the use of on-line discussion as a medium for learning in a pre-service teacher education program. As part of an Education Studies course student teachers engaged in a... More

    pp. 127-143

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