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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 18, Number 7

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Active learning—a cultural change needed in teacher education and schools

    Hannele Niemi

    In this article, the purpose is to evaluate how teacher education may promote active learning and what the main obstacles are to reach this target. The problem is investigated from the perspective ... More

    pp. 763-780

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  2. Relearning the meaning and practice of student teaching supervision through collaborative self-study

    Carmen Montecinos, Verlee Cnudde, Maili Ow, Marı́a Cristina Solı́s, Emy Suzuki & Marta Riveros

    This paper reports on the process and outcomes of a collaborative self-study conducted by five teacher educators and a critical friend, interested in improving their supervision of student teachers... More

    pp. 781-793

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  3. Teaching as persuasion

    Patricia A Alexander, Helenrose Fives, Michelle M Buehl & Julie Mulhern

    A design experiment was undertaken to explore the effects of science lessons, framed as persuasion, on students’ knowledge, beliefs, and interest. Sixth and seventh graders participated in lessons ... More

    pp. 795-813

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  4. Inservice training or professional development: contrasting opportunities in a school/university partnership

    Judith Haymore Sandholtz

    School/university partnerships often expand teachers’ professional development options beyond the traditional inservice model. This research explored the range of professional development... More

    pp. 815-830

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  5. The effects of teacher training on new instructional behaviour in reading comprehension

    Bernadet de Jager, Gerry J Reezigt & Bert P.M Creemers

    This study concerns the effects of teacher training in instructional behaviour based on new insights in the field of learning and instruction. In an experiment, eight teachers were trained to apply... More

    pp. 831-842

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  6. Teachers Involving Parents (TIP): results of an in-service teacher education program for enhancing parental involvement

    Kathleen V Hoover-Dempsey, Joan M.T Walker, Kathleen P Jones & Richard P Reed

    Despite considerable theoretical and empirical work supporting the critical role of parents in students’ school success, pre-service teachers generally receive little preparation for involving... More

    pp. 843-867

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  7. Becoming, being and unbecoming an early childhood educator: a phenomenological case study of teacher attrition

    Jennifer Sumsion

    This article reports on a phenomenological case study that explored the blossoming and wilting of an early childhood educator's career commitment and her eventual decision to leave the field.... More

    pp. 869-885

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  8. Job sharing their first year: a narrative of two partnered teachers’ induction into middle school science teaching

    Charles J Eick

    This paper is a narrative of the induction of two middle school science teachers as partners in a job sharing arrangement. The partners began paired teaching in lieu of student teaching. The author... More

    pp. 887-904

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