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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 18, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. A systemic approach to professional development: learning as practice

    Peter Knight

    This paper disturbs assumptions that policy for secondary school teachers’ continuing professional development should be dominated by courses, workshops and suchlike events. Research into learning,... More

    pp. 229-241

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  2. Professional development to promote schoolwide inquiry

    M.Bruce King

    This study explores the extent of teacher inquiry, and how professional development can promote schoolwide inquiry, in seven urban elementary schools in the US. The regular and systematic inquiry... More

    pp. 243-257

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  3. The rocky road of teachers becoming action researchers

    Mary Christenson, Ruslan Slutsky, Shirley Bendau, Julia Covert, Jennifer Dyer, Georgene Risko & Marilyn Johnston

    This paper describes an action research project conducted in the course of teaching about action research. Eight doctoral students and a professor co-taught the course. We organized it to... More

    pp. 259-272

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  4. Student motivation: an experience of inservice education as a context for professional development of teachers

    Giorgio Cherubini, Franco Zambelli & Pietro Boscolo

    This article focuses on an inservice education experience conducted in a constructivist perspective. The experience was aimed at fostering elementary, middle and high school teachers’ professional ... More

    pp. 273-288

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  5. Teacher retention, teaching effectiveness, and professional preparation: a comparison of professional development school and non-professional development school graduates

    Anne Reynolds, Steven M Ross & Jeanine H Rakow

    We compared Professional Development School (PDS) and non-PDS graduates of one of the National Education Association's Teacher Education Initiative restructuring sites in the United States in terms... More

    pp. 289-303

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  6. Conceptions of school-based teacher educators concerning ongoing teacher education

    Rafael Porlán Ariza, Rosa Martin del Pozo & Jose Martı́n Toscano

    In this work we describe and analyze the conceptions of 28 teacher educators on the principles, contents, methods, and evaluation of ongoing teacher education, taking the model of teacher... More

    pp. 305-321

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  7. The teacher educator's experience: case studies of practical professional knowledge

    Peter D. John

    This exploratory study is an attempt to provide some evidence relating to the experiences, assumptions, practical knowledge and expertise that teacher educators hold and use. It aspires to present ... More

    pp. 323-341

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  8. The negotiative dimension of teaching: teachers sharing power with the less powerful

    Ken Winograd

    The present study examined my relations with students when I went back to the classroom as an elementary teacher during my sabbatical as a university teacher educator. The data consists of journal ... More

    pp. 343-362

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