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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 17, Number 6

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Pedagogical content knowledge circa 1907 and 1987: a study in the history of an idea

    Robert V. Bullough

    Since the 1980s in the US, teacher education has undergone consistent scrutiny and faces frequent attack by politicians and policy makers concerned with the quality of education. Responses to these... More

    pp. 655-666

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  2. Opportunities and challenges in the development of teachers’ knowledge: the development of narrative authority through knowledge communities

    Margaret R. Olson & Cheryl J. Craig

    This work examines generative approaches to teacher professional development that pay attention to how personal, interpersonal, contextual and situational factors influence teacher knowledge... More

    pp. 667-684

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  3. Collaborative groups as professional development

    Suzanne Schwarz McCotter

    This study explores the ways in which participating in a discussion group of 10 experienced teachers (K-12) and teacher educators helped group members sustain their progressive beliefs about... More

    pp. 685-704

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  4. Case stories of facilitating professional development

    Patrick M. Jenlink & Kathryn Kinnucan-Welsch

    This article reports on an 18-month study of teacher study group facilitation in a 25 district consortium. The teacher study group was viewed as an alternative form of professional development... More

    pp. 705-724

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  5. Student teachers eliciting mentors’ practical knowledge and comparing it to their own beliefs

    Anneke Zanting, Nico Verloop & Jan D Vermunt

    Student teachers have at their disposal various information sources concerning teaching: their own beliefs, their mentors’ practical knowledge, and ‘theory’. Because practical knowledge often... More

    pp. 725-740

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  6. Learning to teach science as practice

    Wolff-Michael Roth & Kenneth Tobin

    In this article, we propose coteaching as a viable model for teacher preparation. Coteaching, working at the elbows of someone else, allows beginning teachers to experience appropriate action at... More

    pp. 741-762

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