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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 17, Number 5

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Number of articles: 7

  1. The outcomes question in teacher education

    Marilyn Cochran-Smith

    This article begins with the premise that it is possible to trace teacher education development and reform in terms of the major questions that have driven the field and the sometimes competing... More

    pp. 527-546

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  2. Representations of teaching and standards-based reform: are we closing the debate about teacher education?

    Ginette Delandshere & Sheila A Arens

    Since the mid-eighties, national organizations have been working together in an effort to reform schools and, more specifically, to reform teaching. Paralleling the movement toward developing... More

    pp. 547-566

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  3. The perpetuation of a (semi-)profession: challenges in the governance of teacher education

    Jennifer M Gore & Kellie Morrison

    In this paper, we analyse the Adey Report on National Standards and Guidelines for Initial Teacher Education for its potential contribution to teacher education reform in Australia and beyond. We... More

    pp. 567-582

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  4. Power and place in teaching and teacher education

    Anne M Phelan

    This paper explores the thesis that teacher education prepares teachers to fit into existing patterns and structures of teaching, schooling and society. The key questions explored are: (1) How have... More

    pp. 583-597

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  5. The recent landscape of teacher education: critical points and possible conjectures

    Anthony Clarke

    Some educators claim that teacher education borrows so heavily from other disciplines that it does not constitute a field of study in its own right. I argue to the contrary, suggesting that the... More

    pp. 599-611

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  6. The teaching portfolio in US teacher education programs: what we know and what we need to know

    Ken Zeichner & Susan Wray

    Teaching portfolios have become commonplace in the US in teacher education programs, in the process of granting an initial teaching license, in teacher recertification, and in National Board... More

    pp. 613-621

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  7. Exploratory analysis of pre-service teacher efficacy in Taiwan

    Huey-Ling Lin & Jeffrey Gorrell

    Seven hundred fourteen early childhood and elementary pre-service teachers at the beginning and ending points of their teacher education programs in Taiwan completed a revised version of the Gibson... More

    pp. 623-635

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