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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 17, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Intersubjectivity as a way of informing teaching design for a community of learners classroom

    Eugene Matusov

    In this paper, I relate concepts from research (mainly psychological) on intersubjectivity to problems emerging in designing classroom learning environments by considering one of my undergraduate... More

    pp. 383-402

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  2. Teachers’ and teacher educators’ lives: the role of emotion

    Christopher Day & Ruth Leitch

    This paper reports research which focuses on ways of enhancing understandings by teachers of the key role that emotions play in their personal professional growth. It combines the narrative,... More

    pp. 403-415

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  3. Four approaches to preservice teachers’ involvement in the writing of case stories: a qualitative research project

    Mary Alice Barksdale-Ladd, Mary Draper, Jim King, Kathy Oropallo & Marguerite C. Radencich

    In this paper, professors’ framings for student-written cases in six elementary teacher education classes are examined. Analysis procedures were qualitative. There were similarities and differences... More

    pp. 417-431

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  4. Intertwining opportunities:: participants’ perceptions of professional growth within a multiple-site teacher education network at the secondary level

    Sally Hudson-Ross

    Teachers’ professional growth is far better documented within elementary professional development schools than it is within multi-site school partnerships at the secondary school level. This... More

    pp. 433-454

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  5. The metamorphosis of the ‘virtuoso’: pedagogic patterns in Hong Kong primary mathematics classrooms

    Ida Ah Chee Mok & Paul Morris

    Classrooms in the East Asian region are primarily portrayed as teacher-centred, with a tense atmosphere stressing mechanical or rote learning. Using data derived from a project that evaluated the... More

    pp. 455-468

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  6. Teachers’ beliefs about low-achieving students and higher order thinking

    Anat Zohar, Adi Degani & Einav Vaaknin

    The goal of this study is to characterize the patterns of teachers’ beliefs regarding low-achieving students and instruction of higher order thinking. Subjects are 40 Israeli teachers. Results show... More

    pp. 469-485

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  7. Addressing the discontinuity of students’ and teachers’ diversity: a preliminary study of preservice teachers’ beliefs and perceived skills

    Sheryl V Taylor & Donna Sobel

    The authors of the present investigation provide baseline data regarding preservice teachers’ beliefs about addressing the needs of students whose backgrounds and abilities differ from their own.... More

    pp. 487-503

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  8. The impact of a short-term international experience for preservice teachers

    Colleen Willard-Holt

    Using a qualitative approach, this article investigates elementary teacher candidates’ perceptions of the effects of a week-long international teaching experience. Preservice teachers traveled to... More

    pp. 505-517

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