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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 17, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Teaching with and for discussion

    Walter C Parker & Diana Hess

    Leading productive classroom discussions is difficult, as any one knows who has tried. Teaching future teachers to lead them is doubly difficult — a case of teaching beyond one's own understanding.... More

    pp. 273-289

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  2. Young minds in motion: interactive pedagogy in non-formal settings

    Moshe Re’em

    This is an interpretive study of two cases where a group of sixth grade Catholic students were taught about the Jewish people and the Jewish religion. The paper compares the pedagogy used by the... More

    pp. 291-305

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  3. Classroom discipline and student responsibility:: The students’ view

    Ramon Lewis

    There is, internationally, increasing interest in the quality of children's character. This paper examines, in 21 elementary and 21 secondary schools, the role of classroom discipline in promoting ... More

    pp. 307-319

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  4. In the eyes of the beholder: students’ and teachers’ judgments of students’ motivation

    Karen B Givvin, Deborah J Stipek, Julie M Salmon & Valanne L MacGyvers

    This study was designed to examine the nature and accuracy of teachers’ judgments about students’ motivation related to mathematics. Seventeen fourth- through sixth-grade teachers and 100 of their ... More

    pp. 321-331

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  5. Studying culturally valued texts: teachers’ conception vs. students’ conceptions

    Asher Shkedi

    This study is based on in-depth interviews with Israeli teachers and students studying culturally valued texts and focuses on their respective conceptions of Bible studies. The findings indicate... More

    pp. 333-347

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  6. The experiences of neophyte teachers: a critical constructivist assessment

    J. Tim Goddard & Rosemary Y. Foster

    In this paper the experiences of nine neophyte teachers are examined. Using a critical constructivist approach to analyze the data reveals six conceptual and temporal stages through which these... More

    pp. 349-365

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  7. Silenced gender: the construction of a male primary educator

    Celia Oyler, Gregory T. Jennings & Philip Lozada

    A trio of researchers (including the student teacher) explore the experiences of a male student teacher as he left the Marine Corps and entered his first placement in a first grade classroom. The... More

    pp. 367-379

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