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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 15, Number 8

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Teacher attrition: a review of literature

    Doune Macdonald

    Teacher attrition is generally positioned within research addressing teacher shortage, the wastage of resources and expertise, as well as that concerning teachers’ lowly status and poor working... More

    pp. 835-848

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  2. Recruitment of rural teachers in developing countries: an economic analysis

    Patrick J. McEwan

    Monetary and non-monetary incentives for rural teacher recruitment are a prominent feature of developing-country education systems. Despite the widespread use of incentives, there is little... More

    pp. 849-859

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  3. Perceived workplace conditions and first-year teachers’ morale, career choice commitment, and planned retention: a secondary analysis

    Eileen Mary Weiss

    The relationships between perceived workplace conditions and morale, career choice commitment, and planned retention were examined for first-year teachers in the United States. A nationally... More

    pp. 861-879

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  4. Becoming a primary teacher in Scotland: comparing one-year and four-year courses

    Janet Draper & Stephen Sharp

    This study compared Scottish primary teachers trained by the one-year Bachelor of Education (BEd) and the four-year Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) routes. It was found that BEd... More

    pp. 881-893

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  5. The role of reflection on preservice teachers’ development in the context of a professional development school

    Anne Reilley Freese

    As a faculty member teaching in an innovative, two-year Master's of Teaching program, I found myself reexamining my beliefs and assumptions about the role of reflection in preparing preservice... More

    pp. 895-909

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  6. The epistemological stance between the knower and the known

    Kirsi Tirri, Jukka Husu & Pertti Kansanen

    The purpose of this study is to build a conceptual framework of teachers’ practical knowing. Through consideration of interview data from both elementary and secondary school teachers, the common... More

    pp. 911-922

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  7. Together against all odds: towards understanding the identities of teachers of at risk students

    David W Friesen, Sandra Finney & Caroline Krentz

    This paper describes how a collaborative project engaged teachers and university researchers in an ongoing conversation about teaching students whose learning is considered to be at risk due to a... More

    pp. 923-932

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  8. Schooling Heidegger: on being in teaching

    J.F Donnelly

    The article looks at the practice of teaching in the light of the Part One of Martin Heidegger's major work Being and time. After discussing the main themes of this work, and particularly Heidegger... More

    pp. 933-949

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