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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

1998 Volume 14, Number 8

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Number of articles: 7

  1. The Holmes reports: perils and possibilities

    Clifford Mayes

    There has not yet been an attempt to categorize or critique the substantial body of literature that has arisen around the Holmes Group’s three reports regarding the treatment of teaching and... More

    pp. 775-792

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  2. A partnership to promote teacher preparation for inclusive, urban schools: four voices

    Donna Sobel, Nancy French & Janet Filbin

    This article describes a unique partnership between a university and an urban school district. University students complete a one-year internship. Major stakeholders provided evaluation data which ... More

    pp. 793-806

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  3. Re-thinking school–university partnerships: A Swedish case study

    Christopher Day

    All trends in educational reform point away from the traditional isolation of teachers and teacher educators from their colleagues and from other stakeholders towards an increased sense of being in... More

    pp. 807-19

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  4. The university supervisor: a disenfranchised outsider

    Susan K. Slick

    This study explores the interpersonal dynamics of a graduate student teaching assistant supervisor, department chair, cooperating teacher, student teacher in a traditional teacher education program... More

    pp. 821-834

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  5. The emotional practice of teaching

    Andy Hargreaves

    pp. 835-854

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  6. Formalist thinking and language arts instruction: teachers’ and students’ beliefs about truth and caring in the teaching conversation

    Frank Pajares & Laura Graham

    Two studies illustrate the concern that the connection between teachers’ beliefs and their instructional practices can be a troublesome one if beliefs are informed by formalist thinking related to ... More

    pp. 855-870

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  7. Are there any questions? one teacher’s view of students and their questions in a fourth-grade classroom

    Terence A Beck

    While many teachers agree that the questions students ask are valuable, researchers have found that student questions are notably absent from most classrooms. We know almost nothing about the... More

    pp. 871-886

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