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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 14, Number 7

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  1. “Oh what a difference a team makes”: Why team teaching makes a difference

    Rebecca S Anderson & Bruce W Speck

    Literature supports the value of team teaching in promoting student learning in higher education. Indeed, data from a study of our team teaching confirm that support. However, definitions of team... More

    pp. 671-686

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  2. Shared teaching assignments in the service of mathematics reform: situated professional development

    Daniel Chazan, David Ben-chaim, Jan Gormas, Martin Schnepp, Michael Lehman, Sandra Callis bethell & Steven Neurither

    Proponents of ‘team teaching’ — organizational arrangements in which teachers share responsibility for instruction of students — suggest that it can be a catalyst for teacher learning and school... More

    pp. 687-702

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  3. Conversations with the three selves of the prospective primary mathematics teacher

    Sandra Schuck

    The paper considers the way that a cohort of prospective primary school teachers engage with a mathematics education subject in the first year of their initial teacher education course. They appear... More

    pp. 703-714

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  4. Scaffolds in the field: Vygotskian interpretation in a teacher education program

    Anastasia P Samaras & Shelly Gismondi

    Vygotskian theory has often been promoted for understanding children’s learning, yet few studies have examined this theory in relation to preservice teachers’ understanding of teaching. This paper ... More

    pp. 715-733

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  5. Constructing curriculum subject knowledge in primary school teacher training

    Anne Edwards & Lynn Ogden

    Data show 15 teacher-mentors supporting student-teachers in implementing curriculum tasks aimed at primary school pupils’ active learning of mathematics, science and religion. Mentor and student... More

    pp. 735-747

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  6. The context of a culturally unresponsive curriculum: constructing ethnicity and gender within a contested terrain

    Catherine D. Ennis

    The purpose of this research was to examine retrospectively the impact of federal mandates for forced school desegregation and coeducational programs on the curricular and teaching decisions of... More

    pp. 749-760

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  7. Development of a knowledge base for ESOL teacher education

    Sandra H. Fradd & Okhee Lee

    This paper considers the process of constructing a knowledge base for preparing teachers of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) by examining initial efforts at knowledge base development... More

    pp. 761-773

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