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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 14, Number 6

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Inuit social studies: A variant on a common theme

    John Wolforth

    In a social studies methods course I taught to Inuit students (all teacher-trainees) in the Kitikmeot region of Canada’s Northwest Territories, I tried to mediate between the knowledge and... More

    pp. 565-577

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  2. Relations between teachers’ subject matter knowledge, teaching experience and their mental models of children’s minds and learning

    Sidney Strauss, Dorit Ravid, Nicole Magen & David C. Berliner

    We studied the relations between teachers’ subject matter knowledge (SMK), teaching experience and espoused mental models (MMs) about children’s learning. The SMK we tested was wh-constructions in ... More

    pp. 579-595

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  3. Technicism, reflective practice and authenticity in teacher education

    John Halliday

    The contrast between reflective practice and technicism may be caricatured as a contrast between sensitive authentic aestheticism and crude scientism. In this paper it is argued that the caricature... More

    pp. 597-605

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  4. Students’ perceptions of teacher interpersonal style: The front of the classroom as the teacher’s stage

    Jan van Tartwijk, Mieke Brekelmans, Theo Wubbels, Darrell L. Fisher & Barry J. Fraser

    In previous research, associations were shown between students’ perceptions of teacher interpersonal style and variables such as student outcomes and problems with order in the classroom. In the... More

    pp. 607-617

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  5. Managing space, energy, and self: junior high teachers’ experiences of classroom management

    D. Tara Fenwick

    While exploring junior high school teachers’ meanings of success, one dimension that emerged was teachers tend to talk about their practice in terms of management strategies. Management was clearly... More

    pp. 619-631

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  6. Changes in pedagogy: a qualitative result of teaching heterogeneous classes

    Julia Johnson Rothenberg, Peter Mcdermott & Glen Martin

    This is a study of an urban school in the United States that decided to eliminate academic tracking in selected classes for students, aged 14–16yr, in the sciences and social studies. Studies were ... More

    pp. 633-642

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  7. The moral is in the practice

    David T. Hansen

    pp. 643-655

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  8. Mentor pedagogy and student teacher professional development: a study of two mentoring relationships

    Kate Hawkey

    The recent and growing literature on mentoring has seen a lot of studies focusing on how mentors think about and conceptualise their work. There has been less which has examined what mentors... More

    pp. 657-670

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