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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 13, Number 8

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Looking twice means seeing more: Developing pedagogical knowledge through case analysis

    Mary Anna Lundeberg & Geoffrey Scheurman

    Is there value in having students analyze a dilemma-based case more than once, for example, both before and after a unit of instruction? Or, if students will only analyze a case once, when should... More

    pp. 783-797

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  2. Effects of a school change project on teachers' satisfaction with their work and their perceptions of teaching difficulties

    Hanna Shachar

    This study assessed teachers' satisfaction and dissatisfaction with their work, as well as their perceptions of the source of difficulties in teaching, as a function of their participation in an in... More

    pp. 799-813

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  3. Reframing teacher education and teaching: From personalism to post-personalism

    Greer Johnson

    The literature on research into teaching provides different accounts of what is involved in becoming a teacher. Questions about “good practice” are generated for teachers in teacher education. This... More

    pp. 815-829

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  4. Understanding teacher morale and job satisfaction

    Linda Evans

    This article contributes to the study of teacher morale and job satisfaction. It presents, as a case study, findings of the author's research into staff morale and job satisfaction at an English... More

    pp. 831-845

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  5. Student teachers' knowledge of literacy practices in school

    David Hanauer

    Current conceptions of literacy education require reading/writing teachers who have rich internal representations of the multiplicity of text types found in the school environment.This study... More

    pp. 847-862

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  6. Creating a space where teachers can locate their voices and develop their pedagogical awareness

    Mary Jensen, Erin Foster & Meghan Eddy

    The claim is made here that we need to prepare teachers who can locate their voices in teaching situations, recognize their relationship with other voices in those situations, and reflect on their ... More

    pp. 863-875

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  7. Didactic closure: Professionalization and pedagogic knowledge in Finnish teacher education

    Hannu Simola, Osmo Kivinen & Risto Rinne

    This article concerns the kind of symbolic and strategic value that science-legitimated pedagogical knowledge has in the professionalization of teacher education. The aim is to try to understand... More

    pp. 877-891

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  8. Getting the questions right: Reforming teacher education in America

    Kathleen Barnard, Thoko Muthwa-Kuehn & Peter P. Grimmett

    pp. 893-904

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