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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

1997 Volume 13, Number 7

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Teachers' personal practical knowledge on the professional knowledge landscape

    F.Michael Connelly, D.Jean Clandinin & Ming Fang He

    Though research on teaching has a long history, teacher knowledge research is relatively recent, mostly occurring in the 1980s and 1990s. Teacher knowledge research is part of a revolution in how... More

    pp. 665-674

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  2. “I'm really quiet”: A case study of an Asian, language minority preservice teacher's experiences

    Ann Watts Pailliotet

    Despite attempts to recruit and retain diverse individuals in teaching, current research is largely silent about personal experiences of ethnic and language minority preservice teachers. This case ... More

    pp. 675-690

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  3. What case discussions reveal about teacher thinking

    Elizabeth B. Moje & Suzanne E. Wade

    Drawing on sociocultural theories, this qualitative study examined teacher thinking during case discussions in two university content literacy courses. The participants were 30 students in an... More

    pp. 691-712

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  4. Assessing versus assisting: The supervisor's roles in the complex dynamics of the student teaching triad

    Susan K. Slick

    The importance of a university supervisor has been challenged and affirmed, yet few studies have examined the complexity of the supervisor's role in the student teaching triad. An elementary... More

    pp. 713-726

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  5. Distance teacher education in South Africa: A critical analysis of pedagogical assumptions

    Maropeng Modiba

    Distance education has, historically, been advanced as a major means of upgrading the quality of African teachers in South Africa. There is, however, little knowledge of the quality of existing... More

    pp. 727-739

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  6. Evolution of novice through expert teachers' recall: Implications for effective reflection on practice

    Ruth M. Allen & Renée M. Casbergue

    Accuracy/thoroughness of recall is a necessary precursor to teachers achieving the capability of effective reflection. This study examined the evolution of accuracy/thoroughness of novice through... More

    pp. 741-755

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  7. Varieties of wisdom in the practice of teachers

    Allan Feldman

    pp. 757-773

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  8. Can school ethnography reveal the art of teaching?

    Leena Syrjälä

    pp. 775-781

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