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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 13, Number 3

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Challenging old assumptions: Preparing teachers for inner city schools

    Irma M. Olmedo

    The demographics of urban schools in the United States with large numbers of poor children of color pose challenges for teacher educators, since the teaching profession is predominantly white and... More

    pp. 245-258

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  2. Teachers' developing ideas and practices about mathematics performance assessment: Successes, stumbling blocks, and implications for professional development

    Hilda Borko, Vicky Mayfield, Scott Marion, Roberta Flexer & Kate Cumbo

    This article focuses on the process of change experienced by a group of third grade teachers and the factors that facilitated and impeded that process, during their participation in the University ... More

    pp. 259-278

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  3. Teachers' polarisation in heterogeneous classrooms and the social distribution of achievement: An israeli case study

    Gad Yair

    This paper addresses a pertinent question in the sociological study of classrooms: to what extent do teachers in heterogeneous classrooms provide pupils with equal educational opportunities. The... More

    pp. 279-293

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  4. Time for elementary educators' professional development

    Jill Woodilla, Mary Lynn Boscardin & Patt Dodds

    This paper describes how educators in one school conceptualize time with respect to their work and with particular regard for accomplishing professional development activities. Data are drawn from ... More

    pp. 295-309

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  5. Listening to each other's voices: Collaborative research about open meetings in classrooms

    Mary Anna Lundeberg, Judy Emmett, Tom Russo, Florence Monsour, Nancy Lindquist, Susan Moriarity, Paul Uhren & Kathy Secrist

    In this action research we report the results of a study focused on open meetings in the classrooms of four elementary teachers, grades 2–5. Open meetings are regularly scheduled times when all... More

    pp. 311-324

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  6. Teaching as a profession and as a career: Minority candidates' perspectives

    Zhixin Su

    A case study of teacher candidates from three ethnic groups—Asian American, African-American, and Hispanic—in a state university in the U.S. reveal both similarities and differences in views on... More

    pp. 325-340

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  7. Teaching alike: A cross-case analysis of first-career and second-career beginning teachers' instructional convergence

    Richard R. Powell

    Using a case study design, the article presents a cross-case analysis of Dan, a second-career teacher who entered teaching after being a field hydrogeologist for six years, and Jill, a first-career... More

    pp. 341-356

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  8. Negotiating the traditions of school reform

    Marvin F. Wideen

    pp. 357-362

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  9. Secrecy and the development of personal identity—A challenge for parents and teachers in our time

    Ragna Aadlandsvik

    pp. 363-368

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