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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 13, Number 1

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Number of articles: 13

  1. Voices from the classroom

    Torlaug L. Hoel

    This is a story about how “Guri,” a high school student, constructs meaning about a poem, aided and assisted by her interactions with her two peers in a response group, as well as starting a... More

    pp. 5-16

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  2. Jointly constructed narratives in classrooms: Co-construction of friendship and community through language

    Amy Kyratzis & Judith Green

    This article examines the joint construction of narratives in the everyday world of the classroom. Narratives from two ethnographic studies are presented. The preschool narratives illustrate how... More

    pp. 17-37

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  3. “On the edges of the Map”: A study of Heritage Language teachers in Toronto

    G. Feuerverger

    The historical spaces of this twentieth century have been inhabited, in unprecedented numbers, by those fleeing war, poverty and famine. Their sense of rootlessness, as well as their struggle to... More

    pp. 39-53

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  4. Narrative visions of schooling

    Stephen Marble

    Three teams of prospective teachers created and presented school “portraits” based on research in an elementary school setting. The stories of their efforts and narrative decisions reveal that each... More

    pp. 55-64

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  5. Becoming a teacher educator: Voices of women academics in canadian faculties of education

    Sandra Acker

    Although much has been written on teacher education, voices of teacher educators have been ignored; we know little about their struggles and strategies. This article juxtaposes narratives of five... More

    pp. 65-74

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  6. Narrative research: Political issues and implications

    Freema Elbaz-Luwisch

    The conduct of narrative research gives rise to a range of political issues which include the validation of narrative knowledge, the relationships of power and authority among research participants... More

    pp. 75-83

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  7. The functions of narrative and research on teaching

    Hunter McEwan

    Narrative is a multifunctional concept and this feature of its use may create confusion when it is used by researchers to explore teachers' lives, knowledge, and experiences. Two functions are... More

    pp. 85-92

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  8. Heard any really good stories lately? A critique of the critics of narrative in educational research

    Walter Doyle

    In this paper I examine the problems of “truth” in the use of narratives to study teaching. The analysis focuses on the themes of universality and control that have dominated the study of teaching ... More

    pp. 93-99

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  9. Telling the truth about stories

    D.C. Phillips

    This paper opens with two stories—about the “joking relationship” discovered by anthropologist Radcliffe-Brown Structure and function in primitive society. New York: The Free Press (1965), and an... More

    pp. 101-109

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  10. Representing teachers

    Ivor F. Goodson

    The article scrutinizes the currently strong movement in sponsoring teachers stories and narratives. At precisely the time the teachers voices are being enthusiastically pursued and promoted, the... More

    pp. 111-117

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  11. On narrative

    Gary D Fenstermacher

    pp. 119-124

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  12. A sample card of narratives in education

    Geert Kelchtermans

    pp. 125-130

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  13. The stories teachers tell and what they tell us

    Lorin W. Anderson

    pp. 131-136

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