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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 12, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Influencing student beliefs: The design of a “high impact” teacher education program

    Kim C. Graber

    The purpose of the study was to investigate a teacher education program that has been documented as having strong influence on the teaching beliefs and subsequent actions of program graduates. Data... More

    pp. 451-466

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  2. Video cases and the development of meaning making in preservice teachers

    Willis D. Copeland & D. Lynn Decker

    The present study inquired into the possible effects of work with video-mediated cases on the meaning preservice teacher education students make of vignettes of classroom teaching and learning. Its... More

    pp. 467-481

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  3. The “case” method in modern educational psychology texts

    Karen K. Block

    Modern educational psychology texts emphasize knowledge application. This paper analyzes how current texts use “case” materials to enhance transfer to the realm of application. The framework for... More

    pp. 483-500

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  4. Quality teachers, quality schools: International perspectives and policy implications

    David Hopkins & David Stern

    Teachers are at the heart of educational improvement. Any benefits that accrue to students as a result of educational policies require the enabling action of teachers. It is for this reason that... More

    pp. 501-517

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  5. A longitudinal study of novice secondary teachers' planning: Year two

    Deborah Sardo-Brown

    Case study descriptions of two novice secondary teachers' planning were compiled during the second year of teaching. These data were then compared to first-year planning data. Several new factors... More

    pp. 519-530

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  6. Feeling and dealing: Teaching white students about racial privilege

    Sandra M. Lawrence & Takiema Bunche

    In order to determine to what extent a one-semester course in multicultural education could help white teacher education students develop a white anti-racist identity, interview data and course... More

    pp. 531-542

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  7. Towards an oral history of educational ideas in New Zealand as a resource for teacher education

    Sue Middleton

    Studies of the educational theories which have influenced teachers have traditionally relied heavily on the textual analysis of policy documents and syllabi. While such studies are crucial, they... More

    pp. 543-560

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  8. The future of teacher education in the U.S.A.: The third Holmes Group report

    Michael J. Dunkin

    pp. 561-566

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