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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 12, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Subversives in the staffroom: Resolution of knowledge conflicts among teaching colleagues

    L. Corrie

    This paper explores the resolution of conflicting knowledge by a staff committed to the philosophy of working together as a collaborative team. The study was conducted in one primary school in... More

    pp. 235-247

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  2. In search of autonomy: Teachers' aspirations and expectations from a school-university collaborative

    James Howard Powell & Thomas M. McGowan

    Expectations of teacher participants appear to receive little, if any, attention in conceptualizing and actualizing a school/university collaborative such as a Professional Development School (PDS)... More

    pp. 249-260

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  3. Creating data in practitioner research

    Tony Brown

    This paper examines how writing produced within school-based practitioner research can function in framing and guiding both classroom practice and the research process itself. It outlines a model... More

    pp. 261-270

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  4. Alternatives to field-based experiences: The comparative effects of on-campus laboratories

    Kim K. Metcalf, M.A. Ronen Hammer & Pamela A. Kahlich

    This quasi-experimental study compared the effects of a sequence of on-campus laboratory experiences with an intensive early field experience in the preparation of preservice secondary teachers.... More

    pp. 271-283

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  5. Who is to retrain the teacher trainers?: A Papua New Guinea case study

    Denis McLaughlin

    The single most important factor to improve the quality of education in a developing country appears to be increased general and professional education of teachers. Initially, it seems that this... More

    pp. 285-301

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  6. Drawing ourselves into teaching: Studying the images that shape and distort teacher education

    Sandra Weber & Claudia Mitchell

    How do childhood memories and social stereotypes colour emerging teacher identities? What images of “teacher” silently direct the ways in which we teach and think? Is our teaching practice... More

    pp. 303-313

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  7. A theory-based measure of coping strategies used by teachers: The problems in teaching scale

    Samuel B. Green & Margaret E. Ross

    The Problems in Teaching Scale (PITS) was developed to assess the strategies used by teachers to cope with school stressors. The measure was developed based on the theory of Lazarus and Folkman ... More

    pp. 315-325

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  8. The “Best and the brightest” as teachers

    James M. Cooper

    pp. 327-333

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