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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 12, Number 2

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Number of articles: 9

  1. The practitioner-scholars' view of school change: A case-based approach to teaching and learning

    Maenette K.P. Benham

    This paper contends that a course in school change must tap into the lived experiences of practitioners; thereby arguing for a cased-based learning experience in which practitioners reflect... More

    pp. 119-135

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  2. Applying counseling methods to challenge teacher beliefs with regard to classroom diversity and mainstreaming: An empirical study

    Zipora Shechtman & Aviva Or

    This study measures the impact of an affective educational intervention aimed at change in teacher beliefs on a generalized beliefs construct regarding democracy vs. authoritarianism, and on... More

    pp. 137-147

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  3. Sharing authority: Student initiations during teacher-led read-alouds of information books

    Celia Oyler

    This study focuses on students' initiations during teacher-led read-alouds of information books in a U.S. urban first grade classroom. The teacher's use of interactive read-alouds challenges... More

    pp. 149-160

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  4. The development of empowerment in reading instruction in eight elementary teachers

    Mary Alice Barksdale-Ladd & Karen F. Thomas

    This paper describes a qualitative study of eight teachers identified as empowered or having become more empowered. The study focuses upon influences on and the developmental process of teacher... More

    pp. 161-178

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  5. Teachers' and principals' sense of efficacy in elementary schools

    Jeroen G.M. Imants & Cornelis J. De Brabander

    In recent research on school improvement and effectiveness attention is paid to teachers' sense of efficacy. This research is focused on (a) teachers and (b) instructional tasks. Another... More

    pp. 179-195

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  6. Characteristics of male elementary teachers in the U.S.A., at teacher education program entry and exit

    Susan M. Brookhart & William E. Loadman

    This article reports on two studies that describe the status of male elementary preservice and inservice teachers. One study looked at entering teacher candidates, describing differences between... More

    pp. 197-210

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  7. Enhancing microteaching through additional feedback from preservice administrators

    Gayle A. Wilkinson

    Two university professors integrate their courses to allow students to collaborate with each other in practicing new skills. The preservice administrators provide additional feedback to the... More

    pp. 211-221

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  8. European concepts in teacher education

    Friedrich W. Kron

    pp. 223-227

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  9. Mapping the prevailing winds affecting assessment

    Leone Burton

    pp. 229-233

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