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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 11, Number 6

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Mixed messages and missed opportunities: Moments of transformation in writing conferences and teacher education

    Jenny Denyer & Susan Florio-Ruane

    This article describes our challenge as teacher educators interested in helping our students move beyond talk about text that recalls facts to talk that is supportive of the interpretation and... More

    pp. 539-551

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  2. Multicultural classrooms and cultural communities of teachers

    Kathryn A. Davis

    This paper addresses issues of teacher adoption of culturally responsive pedagogy through reporting data from a 2-year ethnographic study of a teacher education program located in the U.S.A. The... More

    pp. 553-563

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  3. Teaching portfolios: A strategy for developing learning and teaching in preservice education

    John Loughran & Deborah Corrigan

    Teaching portfolios have been used in the preservice teacher education program at Monash University to help student teachers to reflect on their learning about learning and teaching and to help... More

    pp. 565-577

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  4. Discipline, control, and the school mathematics tradition

    Jeff Gregg

    Classroom management and discipline are primary concerns of many teachers, especially beginners. The current reform movement in mathematics education advocates a classroom atmosphere and teaching... More

    pp. 579-593

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  5. Teacher education: Partnerships in pedagogy?

    Anne Edwards

    Initial training partnerships between schools and universities can appear to be driven by the demands of external accountability. Resultant managerial models of partnership support simplistic... More

    pp. 595-610

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  6. Teacher knowledge: The relationship between caring and knowing

    Kathie Webb & Janet Blond

    While everyone acknowledges the importance of the “caring teacher,” little acknowledgment of caring as an issue exists at the level of educational policymaking. This paper presents teacher and... More

    pp. 611-625

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  7. Practical, theoretical, and epistemological capacities

    Jack Whitehead

    pp. 627-634

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