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International Journal of Educational Development

November 2018 Volume 63, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Higher education, economic inequality and social mobility: Implications for emerging East Asia

    Simon Marginson, UCL Institute of Education, United Kingdom

    Higher education systems in the Chinese civilizational zone (East Asia) are rapidly improving in quantity and quality, associated with the growth of middle classes and absolute social mobility. But... More

    pp. 4-11

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  2. University governance in China and Japan: Major findings from national surveys

    Futao Huang

    This paper identifies the main characteristics of the governance styles of four-year universities in China and Japan, based on findings from a cross-national academic survey conducted using a... More

    pp. 12-19

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  3. Applying CIPO indicators to examine internationalization in higher education institutions in Taiwan

    Dian-Fu Chang & Ni-Jung Lin

    This study investigated policy-driven implementations of internationalization in higher education institutions in Taiwan by evaluating its effects as perceived by students and faculty. For... More

    pp. 20-28

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  4. Governance styles in Taiwanese universities: Features and effects

    Sheng-Ju Chan, Graduate Institute of Education, Taiwan; Chia-Yu Yang, Postdoctoral Fellow, Taiwan

    During the past two decades, Taiwan has undertaken dramatic higher education reforms in response to the changing social, economic, and educational needs. Among the driving forces, neoliberalism and... More

    pp. 29-35

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  5. Strategic planning and the stratification of Chinese higher education institutions

    Juan Hu, School of Education, China; Hao Liu, School of Sociology and Demography, China; Yingxia Chen, Planning Office, China; Jiali Qin, School of Education, China

    Strategic planning is an important instrument for university management. This article’s objective is to reveal differences in strategic planning among universities at different levels and of... More

    pp. 36-43

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  6. Massification of higher education and challenges for graduate employment and social mobility: East Asian experiences and sociological reflections

    Ka Ho Mok & Jin Jiang

    In the last few decades, we have witnessed a rapid expansion of higher education in Asia, resulting in the massification and marketization of higher education. Nonetheless, previous comparative... More

    pp. 44-51

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  7. Quality assurance systems as a higher education policy tool in Korea: International convergence and local contexts

    Jung Cheol Shin

    This study selected quality assurance systems in Korea as a case to analyze how global convergence and local contexts interplayed during three periods of change. Quality assurance is an example of ... More

    pp. 52-58

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  8. The merger of departments across universities: The case of veterinary schools in Japanese national universities

    Keiichiro Yoshinaga

    With the rise of neoliberalism, institutional mergers are often discussed and carried out in higher education. Among merger cases, this paper will focus on the departmental mergers across... More

    pp. 59-64

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