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International Journal of Educational Development

November 2013 Volume 33, Number 6

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Conceptualising gender and violence in research: Insights from studies in schools and communities in Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique

    Jenny Parkes, Jo Heslop, Samwel Oando, Susan Sabaa, Francisco Januario & Asmara Figue

    Gender and violence are complex and contested concepts, understood in varying ways in research, policy and interventions in education. Often there has been an emphasis on acts of violence, with... More

    pp. 546-556

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  2. Gender discourses in an NGO education project: Openings for transformation toward gender equality in Bangladesh

    Joan DeJaeghere & Nancy Pellowski Wiger

    This article seeks to illustrate how various actors participating in a non-governmental organization (NGO) education project in two Bangladeshi communities represent different framings of gender.... More

    pp. 557-565

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  3. Girls claiming education rights: Reflections on distribution, empowerment and gender justice in Northern Tanzania and Northern Nigeria

    Elaine Unterhalter & Jo Heslop, Institute of Education, University of London, United Kingdom; Andrew Mamedu, ActionAid Nigeria, Nigeria

    The article considers the analytical connection between two approaches to discussing girls’ schooling and gender justice. One trend considers injustice primarily as a question of inequalities in... More

    pp. 566-575

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  4. Negotiating meanings of gender justice: Critical reflections on dialogs and debates in a non-governmental organization (NGO)

    Parul Sharma & Geeta Verma, CARE India, India; Aditi Arur, University of Minnesota, United States

    In this paper, we reflect upon how dialogs and debates in a non-governmental organization (NGO) – CARE India in the context of a girls’ education project shaped staff members’ understandings of... More

    pp. 576-584

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  5. A question of gender justice: Exploring the linkages between women's unpaid care work, education, and gender equality

    Akanksha A. Marphatia, University of Cambridge, Department of Geography, United Kingdom; Rachel Moussié, Women's Economic Rights Coordinator and Manager of International Unpaid Care Work Programme, ActionAid International, United Kingdom

    ActionAid International implemented an action-research programme on women's unpaid care work in rural Nepal from March 2011 to December 2012. This social empowerment methodology, Reflect, enabled... More

    pp. 585-594

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  6. Reading and writing between different worlds: Learning, literacy and power in the lives of two migrant domestic workers

    Amy North

    Over the last decades, studies exploring women's literacy have highlighted the way in which literacy practices are embedded within social norms and structures of power. This article draws on... More

    pp. 595-603

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  7. Just men? Towards the education of men for gender justice in a context of religiously legitimised patriarchy: A South African case study

    Adam D. Walton

    This paper explores the education of men for gender justice in a context of religiously legitimised patriarchy, through a case study of a Catholic theological institute in South Africa. It draws on... More

    pp. 604-611

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  8. Proving “The Girl Effect”: Corporate knowledge production and educational intervention

    Kathryn Moeller

    The Nike Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Nike, Inc., seeks to prove the “The Girl Effect,” its theory of change, through investments in adolescent girls in the Global South. The foundation... More

    pp. 612-621

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