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International Journal of Educational Development

September 2012 Volume 32, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Vocational education and training for development: A policy in need of a theory?

    Simon McGrath

    The current decade has seen a significant return of interest in vocational education and training (VET) amongst the international policy community. This rise in policy and programmatic interest in ... More

    pp. 623-631

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  2. Will skills save us? Rethinking the relationships between vocational education, skills development policies, and social policy in South Africa

    Stephanie Allais

    This paper examines experiences with ‘skills development’ in South Africa to contribute to broader debates about ‘skills’ and the relationships between vocational education and development.... More

    pp. 632-642

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  3. Reimagining the purpose of VET – Expanding the capability to aspire in South African Further Education and Training students

    Lesley Powell

    This paper applies the capabilities approach to the broader debate of the role of vocational education and training (VET) in poverty alleviation. The capabilities approach provides an approach for ... More

    pp. 643-653

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  4. Professional skills development in a resource-poor setting: the case of pharmacy in Malawi

    Zoe Lim, C. Anderson & S. McGrath

    The dominance of the human capital approach in vocational skills development has been increasingly questioned for being de-humanised and de-contextualised. Contrary to this trend, the discourse in ... More

    pp. 654-664

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  5. The geopolitics and meanings of India's massive skills development ambitions

    Kenneth King

    This paper interrogates the drivers and meanings behind the dramatic rise of technical and vocational education and training in the policy and political agenda of India. What are the assumptions... More

    pp. 665-673

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  6. Skills for inclusive growth in South Africa: Promising tides amidst perilous waters

    Salim Akoojee

    Skills development is critical to South Africa's development. It has been argued that South Africa's twin post-Apartheid challenges, poverty and unemployment requires a level of skills development ... More

    pp. 674-685

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  7. Vocational Education and Training for women and youth in Palestine: Poverty reduction and gender equality under occupation

    Randa Hilal

    This article explores the possibilities and limitations of attempts to improve economic and human development of marginalised groups Women and Youth, within the overall political and economic... More

    pp. 686-695

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  8. Knowing and doing vocational education and training reform: Evidence, learning and the policy process

    Simon McGrath & Rosemary Lugg

    Much of VET policy internationally draws on a toolkit that has been seriously questioned for its logic, international relevance and effectiveness by considerable amounts of academic research.... More

    pp. 696-708

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