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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 30, Number 6

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Number of articles: 11

  1. Education and development: Thirty years of continuity and change

    Simon McGrath

    At the end of the 30th volume of IJED and in the year that the journal published its 1000th paper, it is appropriate to look back at the journal's development. In doing so, this article will... More

    pp. 537-543

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  2. Does taking one step back get you two steps forward? Grade retention and school performance in poor areas in rural China

    Xinxin Chen, Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, Yaojiang Shi & Scott Rozelle

    Despite the rise in grade retention in poor areas in rural China recently, little work has been done to understand the impact of grade retention on the educational performance of students in these ... More

    pp. 544-559

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  3. Who gets more financial aid in China? A multilevel analysis

    Po Yang

    The Chinese financial aid system intends to increase the affordability of postsecondary education and provide access to college for disadvantaged students. However, the research base for access to ... More

    pp. 560-569

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  4. The effect of primary school mergers on academic performance of students in rural China

    Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, Renfu Luo, Scott Rozelle & Prashant Loyalka

    We examine the impact of primary school mergers on academic performance of students using a dataset that we collected using a survey designed specifically to examine changes in the academic... More

    pp. 570-585

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  5. Many districts left behind: An individual change analysis of inequity in the Kenyan primary educational opportunities (2001–2007)

    Joshua Gisemba Bagaka's

    The study examined variations in district performance in KCPE national examination in Kenya between 2001 and 2007. The individual change model revealed that district poverty rate was not a... More

    pp. 586-591

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  6. The determinants of student achievement in Turkey

    M.A. Dincer & G. Uysal

    Recent achievement test results show that Turkish students have been performing poorly compared to students from other countries. Using science literacy results from the PISA 2006 survey, we aim to... More

    pp. 592-598

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  7. Social responsibility and community development: Lessons from the Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial in Honduras

    Catherine A. Honeyman

    This article extends understanding of the connections between education, social capital, and development through a mixed-methods case study of the Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial, or... More

    pp. 599-613

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  8. Chronicling educator practices and experiences in the context of democratic schooling and quality education in South Africa

    Vusi Mncube & Clive Harber

    An interview-based qualitative study was undertaken to explore the experiences and practices of educators in providing democratic schooling as a way of delivering quality education for learners in ... More

    pp. 614-624

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  9. Language and education: The experience of the Penan in Brunei

    Peter G. Sercombe

    Rurally situated minority groups in Southeast Asia, especially those with nomadic backgrounds, such as the Penan in Borneo, have received relatively little scholarly attention with regard to... More

    pp. 625-635

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  10. Research and policy on the language of instruction issue in Africa

    Birgit Brock-Utne

    Since 1995 I have been engaged in consultancies and since 2001 in research dealing with the language of instruction policies in Africa. To what extent are the policies being implemented? What is... More

    pp. 636-645

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  11. The Role of the Headteacher in the Implementation of Free Primary Education in Kenya

    p. 646

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