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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 27, Number 6

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Educational renovation in a South African ‘township on the move’: A social–spatial analysis

    Aslam Fataar

    This article presents an account of the ways education reform has been mediated in one South African township. It suggests that the normative policy intentions of the reforming post-apartheid state... More

    pp. 599-612

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  2. Chronicling decentralization initiatives in the Philippine basic education sector

    Allan B. de Guzman

    The Philippine school system is considered as one of the largest in the world with 41,989 public elementary and secondary schools and 7790 private schools under the supervision and regulation of... More

    pp. 613-624

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  3. Does partnership and sustainability really happen?: A case study of an in-service health education programme implemented in one province in Cambodia

    Jane Courtney

    This paper examines an in-service model of education based on a case study of a Cambodian provincial health project. The model was designed to take account of local experience in the education and ... More

    pp. 625-636

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  4. A systems view of learning in education

    Peter O’Shea

    As the sophistication of technology has increased, so has public demand for quality. This expectation of quality has occurred across a broad range of products and systems, including education. To... More

    pp. 637-646

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  5. Teaching in transition: Examining school-based gender inequities in central/southeastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

    Cathryn Magno & Iveta Silova

    In the last decade, gender equity has become one of the most prominent issues in education reform efforts worldwide. Yet, questions of gender equity have received very little attention in the... More

    pp. 647-660

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  6. Secular and Koranic literacies in South Asia: From colonisation to contemporary practice

    Bryan Maddox

    This paper explores the distinction between ‘secular’ and ‘Koranic’ schooling and literacy in South Asia. It begins by tracing an archaeology of the distinction between secular ‘literacy’ and... More

    pp. 661-668

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  7. How newly qualified primary teachers develop: A case study in rural Eritrea

    Abraham Belay, Freweini Ghebreab, Tewolde Ghebremichael, Asmerom Ghebreselassie, John Holmes & Goodith White

    This paper reports on the professional development of a small group of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) who began their careers in four rural schools in Eritrea. These teachers were monitored over a... More

    pp. 669-682

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  8. A case study of a merger in Chinese higher education: The motives, processes, and outcomes

    Yinmei Wan & Marvin W. Peterson

    This paper examines an institutional merger taking place in Chinese higher education beginning from 1994. Using the case study method, the paper examines the pre-merger planning, the post-merger... More

    pp. 683-696

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  9. Local special education administrators’ understanding of inclusive education in China

    Meng Deng & Ling Guo

    China's inclusive education initiative began in mid-1980s under the name of “Learning in Regular Classrooms”. The purpose of this research is to examine how Chinese Local Special Education... More

    pp. 697-707

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