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International Journal of Educational Development

January 2007 Volume 27, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Faculty research behaviour and career incentives: The case of Taiwan

    Flora F. Tien

    This paper aims at exploring how faculty research behaviour changes before, during, and after promotion. Testing research hypotheses generated from behavioral reinforcement theory and an... More

    pp. 4-17

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  2. Globalisation, city development and citizenship education in China's Shanghai

    W.-W. Law

    Globalisation has extended the competition between nation-states to that between metropolises of the same or different nations. Many studies have shown how nation-states respond to the challenge of... More

    pp. 18-38

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  3. Language education needs for multilingualism in Fiji primary schools

    Nikhat Shameem

    This paper looks at current practice in teaching multilingual Indo-Fijian children in eight Fiji primary schools. Indo-Fijians speak Fiji Hindi (FH) as their mother tongue, learn Shudh Hindi (SH)... More

    pp. 39-60

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  4. The achievement of indigenous students in Guatemalan primary schools

    Patrick J. McEwan & Marisol Trowbridge

    This paper analyses the difference in academic achievement between indigenous and nonindigenous children that attend rural primary schools in Guatemala. The gap ranges between 0.8 and 1 standard... More

    pp. 61-76

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  5. Experimenting in distance education: The African virtual university (AVU) and the paradox of the World Bank in Kenya—A rejoinder

    Ishmael I. Munene

    This rejoinder is in response to criticism against the African Virtual University (AVU), an internet-based education modality, by Amutabi and Oketch [2003. Experimenting in distance education: the ... More

    pp. 77-85

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  6. On global absences: Reflections on the failings in the education and poverty relationship in Latin America

    Xavier Bonal

    This paper explores some of the aspects of the relationship between education and poverty as it has been constructed by international organisations and national governments in Latin America. The... More

    pp. 86-100

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  7. Equity in education in Chile: The tensions between policy and practice

    Ann Matear

    The article examines education policy in Chile after the return to democracy in 1990 from an equity perspective. Since then, policies have aimed for continuity, coherence and complementarity with... More

    pp. 101-113

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  8. A critical analysis of Chinese higher development education in the context of its contribution to Chinas development

    p. 125

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