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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 25, Number 5

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Women's schooling and religious affiliation in Malawi at the end of the twentieth century

    Henry V. Doctor

    This paper examines the association between religious affiliation and women's schooling in Malawi. Using data from the nationally representative 2000 Demographic and Health Survey, results show... More

    pp. 481-492

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  2. Tensions and dilemmas of cross-cultural transfer of knowledge: post-structural/postcolonial reflections on an innovative teacher education in Pakistan

    Yatta Kanu

    Globalization in higher education and the replacement of state funding of universities with “revenue substitution” strategies in western countries have resulted in an increasing number of... More

    pp. 493-513

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  3. The search for quality: A five country study of national strategies to improve educational quality in Central Asia

    David W. Chapman, John Weidman, Marc Cohen & Malcolm Mercer

    This paper presents a comparative analysis of the strategies employed over the last decade by governments of five Central Asia republics—Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and... More

    pp. 514-530

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  4. ‘Sir, on what page is the answer?’ Exploring teacher decision-making during complex curriculum change, with specific reference to the use of learner support material

    Newton Trevor Stoffels

    This paper presents preliminary research evidence on the classroom practices of two South African science teachers currently implementing the new outcomes-based curriculum. A comparative case study... More

    pp. 531-546

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  5. Influence of home-related factors in Numeracy performance of fourth-grade children in Mauritius

    K.S. Sukon & R. Jawahir

    The research reported in this paper is based on a survey carried out jointly by UNESCO and UNICEF with the collaboration of the Government of Mauritius. This survey involves 1800 fourth-grade... More

    pp. 547-556

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  6. Private schooling in the Northern Areas of Pakistan: A decade of rapid expansion

    Brian Harlech-Jones, Musa Baig, Shamshad Sajid & Shams ur-Rahman

    This article investigates the rapid expansion of private schooling in the Northern Areas of Pakistan during the period 1993–2003. Our observations are mainly based on a survey of about 40% of the... More

    pp. 557-568

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  7. Village education committees in West Bengal, India: Planned vision and beyond

    G.G. Wankhede & Anirban Sengupta

    This paper deals with decentralization of educational administration in West Bengal, India. It gives specific emphasis on studying education committees formed with the community members at village ... More

    pp. 569-579

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  8. Routines and micropolitics in a Taiwanese primary school: a qualitative analysis of the dialectical relationship between structure and agency

    pp. 580-581

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  9. Ethnic identity and ethnic recognition: a study of taiwanese teachers' biographies, curriculum, and pedagogy

    pp. 582-583

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