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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 25, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Setting the scene: Measurement and learning beyond the mainstream

    Rosemary Preston & Sheila Aikman

    To contextualise the debates in this issue, the introduction problematises terms and approaches to the measurement of non-mainstream learning, at different levels of analysis and in different parts... More

    pp. 99-110

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  2. Global inequality, capabilities, social justice: The millennium development goal for gender equality in education

    Elaine Unterhalter

    The Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for gender equality in education by 2005 has been criticised for its grandiose ambition, its failure to adequately conceptualise the nature of gender... More

    pp. 111-122

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  3. Assessing the impact of women's literacies in Bangladesh: An ethnographic inquiry

    Bryan Maddox

    The paper is based on ethnographic fieldwork in the north-west of Bangladesh. It explores conceptual and methodological issues involved in assessing the impact of adult literacy acquisition on... More

    pp. 123-132

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  4. From margins to mainstream: Private school outreach inclusion processes for out-of-school children in India

    Laura Day Ashley

    This paper centres upon understanding processes involved in mainstreaming ‘out-of-school’ children from non-formal education programmes to formal schooling. Three ‘private school outreach’... More

    pp. 133-144

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  5. Performance evaluation or standardized testing of aptitudes? Innovations at the margins Mexico's of school system

    Chris Martin & Elsa Guzmán

    This paper argues the need for broader criteria than are customarily used, for measuring pupil achievement, school effectiveness and impact on educational policy in the plural and highly unequal... More

    pp. 145-155

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  6. Cultures of funding, management and learning in the global mainstream

    Rosemary Preston

    This paper examines changes over the last 20 years which have shaped international human development assistance for the alleviation of poverty and inclusion and what it achieves. With reference to ... More

    pp. 157-172

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