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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 24, Number 6

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Number of articles: 14

  1. The reconceptualisation of learner-centred approaches: a Namibian case study

    Margo O’Sullivan

    The case study, which explored the implementation of learner-centred approaches, emerged from an action research study of a three-year INSET (In-service Education and Training) programme for 145... More

    pp. 585-602

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  2. Some reflections on learning from early school experience

    Zühal Okan & Rana Yıldırım

    This paper is a report of a study on early school experience as part of a Teacher Education programme in Turkey. The programme requires second-year students to act as students only, observing their... More

    pp. 603-616

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  3. Prospective classroom teachers’ metaphorical images of selves and comparing them to those they have of their elementary and cooperating teachers

    Ahmet Saban

    Currently, it is strongly suggested that our thought processes are largely metaphorical in nature. Indeed, the metaphors we use not only represent the way we perceive the world and reality but also... More

    pp. 617-635

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  4. Education and corruption

    Stephen P. Heyneman

    This paper will draw on standard international definitions of ‘corruption’ and apply them to the education sector. It will define corruption in education, explain why it is important, and describe ... More

    pp. 637-648

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  5. Is the World Bank education policy adequate for fighting poverty? Some evidence from Latin America

    Xavier Bonal

    This paper focuses on the relationship between the World Bank’s education policy and the recent anti-poverty priorities and strategies that shape the present Bank’s agenda for development. The... More

    pp. 649-666

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  6. Responding to students’ views about university teaching: the experience of teachers in Jamaica

    Angela R. Penny

    Individual consultation over student ratings is recognised as an effective strategy to improve teaching effectiveness. Yet limited financial resources and rising costs in higher education renders... More

    pp. 667-676

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  7. A professional development program for primary school English language teachers in Turkey: designing a materials bank

    Ayşegűl Daloglu

    This paper presents and discusses an in-service teacher development program that focussed on establishing a materials bank for English language teachers at a private primary school in Ankara,... More

    pp. 677-690

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  8. Transition from high school to higher education and work in Korea, from the competency-based education perspective

    Soomyung Jang & Namhee Kim

    We examined how much Korean high school education helps students to build up the competencies needed for their college education and the world of work. We surveyed 227 high school graduates. They... More

    pp. 691-703

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  9. Capacity-building for educational managers in South Africa: a case study of the Mpumalanga Province

    Philip C. Van der Westhuizen, M.J. Mosoge & H.J. van Vuuren

    Wide-ranging changes in the education system have rendered many serving school principals ineffective in the management of their schools. Many of these serving principals lack basic management... More

    pp. 705-719

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  10. Educational development in East Timor

    Yiftach Millo & Jon Barnett

    This paper examines educational development in East Timor. It is particularly concerned with the period between October 1999 and May 2002 when the country was governed by the United Nations... More

    pp. 721-737

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  11. School and teacher performance incentives: The Latin American experience

    Alejandra Mizala & Pilar Romaguera

    This paper discusses performance evaluation and the introduction of incentives into education in Latin America from an analytical and methodological perspective. The aim is to describe ongoing... More

    pp. 739-754

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  12. Understanding South African youths’ approaches to learning

    Adebowale Akande

    pp. 755-756

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  13. Teacher socialisation; a critical qualitative analysis of the teaching methods of seven new teachers in Botswana junior secondary schools

    Elmon M. Tafa

    pp. 757-758

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  14. PhD Abstract—Children’s stories and negotiated identities: Bakhtin and complexity in upper primary classrooms in Jamaica and Scotland

    B. Cross

    pp. 759-760

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