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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 24, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Understanding education in Europe-East: Frames of interpretation and comparison

    Tamas Kozma & Tunde Polonyi

    This paper suggests possible frames of reference for understanding education and educational policy in the Eastern part of Europe. (a) According to the geographical frame, the concept of ‘Eastern... More

    pp. 467-477

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  2. Education in countries in transition facing globalization—a case study Croatia

    Ivo Šlaus, Andrea Šlaus-Kokotović & Jasenka Morović

    The status of the educational system of Croatia is presented and several human development indicators for Croatia are compared with those of other countries in transition. The role of education in ... More

    pp. 479-494

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  3. Education and democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Lidija Kolouh-Westin

    Content analysis of the curriculum and textbooks for the last four grades of compulsory education used in Bosnia and Herzegovina are presented. The major aim in this research has been to identify... More

    pp. 495-509

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  4. Belarusian as an endangered language: can the mother tongue of an independent state be made to die?

    Jerzy J. Smolicz & Ryszard Radzik

    While decline and/or extinction threaten an ever-increasing number of languages, most of these are minority tongues that struggle for survival against dominant languages. The present paper reports ... More

    pp. 511-528

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  5. Education and schooling in East Germany

    Hans W. Fuchs & Lutz R. Reuter

    Since the summer of 1989, “peaceful revolutions” started to bring down the communist rule in the states of the Soviet sphere of influence. These revolutions led to a complete transformation of the ... More

    pp. 529-537

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  6. Changes and trends in secondary agricultural education in the Czech Republic

    Milan Slavik

    Programmes of education for farmers in the form of Winter Schools, in the early 19th century, were gradually broadened into agricultural education for employment in farming or as preparation for... More

    pp. 539-545

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  7. Vocational education system in Slovenia between the past and the future

    Boris Aberšek

    For any technological development, we must always take into account very important set of equations:More (vocational) relevant education=more skilled man power=more take-up of labour by industry... More

    pp. 547-558

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  8. Development of education policy in Lithuania during the years of transformations

    Rimantas Zelvys

    Development of education policy in Central and Eastern Europe is a specific type of educational transformations. Though almost all the countries in the region began their reforms from a similar... More

    pp. 559-571

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