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International Journal of Educational Development

July 2004 Volume 24, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Dealing with difference: ethnicity and gender in the context of schooling in Ghana

    George J.Sefa Dei

    This paper is based on findings of a longitudinal study examining the broader systemic and structural processes of schooling for local youth in Ghana. Specifically, the paper examines how Ghanaian ... More

    pp. 343-359

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  2. Closing the digital divide: evaluation of the World Links program

    Robert Kozma, Ray McGhee, Edys Quellmalz & Dan Zalles

    In response to this digital divide between developed and developing countries in their use of computers to prepare students for the global economy, the World Bank and, subsequently, the World Links... More

    pp. 361-381

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  3. An approach to assisting teachers in building physical and network hybrid community-based learning environments: the Taiwanese experience

    Li-Jie Chang, Chih-Yueh Chou, Zhi-Hong Chen & Tak-Wai Chan

    Information technology (IT) is becoming increasingly important in K-12 (from kindergarten to senior high school) education. Teachers face growing pressure to interact with their students via... More

    pp. 383-396

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  4. From funding projects to supporting sectors? Observation on the aid relationship in Burkina Faso

    Joel Samoff

    Burkina Faso is among the largest recipients of development aid in West Africa. The new aid terminology emphasizes partnership and a sectoral approach. Yet, recent research suggests more continuity... More

    pp. 397-427

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  5. Possible influences of Arabic-Islamic culture on the reflective practices proposed for an education degree at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates

    Patricia M. Richardson

    This article critically examines the compatibility of United Arab Emirates culture and values with the assumptions of reflective practice currently being written into a new teacher education degree... More

    pp. 429-436

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  6. Eritrean voices: indigenous views on the development of the curriculum ten years after independence

    Robert G. David

    Since 1991, the Eritrean government has put into place an education system which had already been developed in the liberated areas during the years of struggle against Ethiopia. Little has been... More

    pp. 437-450

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