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International Journal of Educational Development

November 2003 Volume 23, Number 6

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  1. Grade repetition in Honduran primary schools

    Jeffery H. Marshall

    This paper looks at several dimensions of the grade failure issue in Honduras using a unique data set compiled by the UMCE evaluation project in 1998 and 1999. The analytical framework incorporates... More

    pp. 591-605

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  2. Comparing the payoff to vocational and academic credentials in Thailand over time

    Joshua D. Hawley

    Using data from Thailand’s National Labor Force Survey, this paper analyzes the long-run earnings differentials for vocational and academic schooling at the secondary and post-secondary levels. The... More

    pp. 607-625

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  3. A short review of information and communication technologies and basic education in LDCs—what is useful, what is sustainable?

    Jeremy Grace & Charles Kenny

    Information and communication technologies such as radio and television have long been used in education. The advent of the technology of the Internet has created pressure for Internet access in... More

    pp. 627-636

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  4. The relationship between health (malnutrition) and educational achievements (Maths and English) in the rural children of South Africa

    M.J Themane, K.D Monyeki, M.E Nthangeni, H.C.G Kemper & J.W.R Twisk

    The purpose of this paper is to report the cross-sectional relationship between educational achievements and the ‘health status’ of the rural South African children in the Ellisras Longitudinal... More

    pp. 637-643

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  5. Economic analysis of World Bank education projects and project outcomes

    Ayesha Yaqub Vawda, Peter Moock, J. Price Gittinger & Harry Anthony Patrinos

    This paper tests the hypothesis that World Bank education projects have a higher likelihood of being successful if at the time of appraisal, they underwent good quality economic analysis. Analysis ... More

    pp. 645-660

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  6. Fostering educational participation in pastoral communities through non-formal education: the Ghanaian perspective

    Obed Mfum-Mensah

    This paper is an investigation of the impact of the Shepherd School Program, a non-formal basic education program implemented in seven pastoral communities in northern Ghana. The paper argues that ... More

    pp. 661-677

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