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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 23, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Political interference in the running of education in post-independence Kenya: a critical retrospection

    M.N. Amutabi

    This paper analyses the politicization of decision making in the education sector in Kenya since independence in 1963, to 2000. Utilizing a catalogue of major political decisions that have... More

    pp. 127-144

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  2. Decentralization and privatization of education in El Salvador: Assessing the experience

    Helga Cuéllar-Marchelli

    This paper presents the most notorious decentralization and privatization policies of education delivery included in the Salvadoran education reform plan 1995–2005 and briefly explains some of the ... More

    pp. 145-166

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  3. Child labour and schooling in the context of a subsistence rural economy: can they be compatible?

    A. Admassie

    International concern over the problem of child labour often focuses on children working in the manufacturing and export sectors. Yet, most children in the developing countries provide unpaid... More

    pp. 167-185

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  4. Participation in school upgrading: gender, class and (in)action in Egypt

    L Herrera

    Due to population growth, urbanization, insufficient resources, cultural and environmental factors, and policy neglect, public sector schools in Egypt and many countries of the South are in a... More

    pp. 187-199

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  5. A brief history of a science teacher professional development initiative in Indonesia and the implications for centralised teacher development

    M Thair & D.F Treagust

    The implementation of successive phases of an intensive approach to science teacher professional development in Indonesia is described. While successful in establishing an extensive network of... More

    pp. 201-213

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  6. The internationalisation of higher education: exporting education to developing and transitional economies

    P Bennell & T Pearce

    This article assesses the extent to which higher education in UK and Australia has been internationalised in two key areas: the growth in foreign students and the growth of foreigners studying in... More

    pp. 215-232

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