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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 21, Number 5

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Research in a cold climate: towards a political economy of British international and comparative education

    Simon McGrath

    This paper seeks to begin a discussion of the importance of the material environment in which international and comparative educational research is done as a fundamental aspect of any... More

    pp. 391-400

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  2. The interpretation construction design model for teaching science and its applications to Internet-based instruction in Taiwan

    Chin-Chung Tsai

    This paper uses the Interpretation Construction Design Model proposed by Black and McClintock (1996) [An interpretation construction approach to constructivist design. In: Wilson, B. (Ed.), ... More

    pp. 401-415

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  3. A comparative study of TVET projects — implementation experiences from Jamaica and The Gambia

    M. Powell

    The purpose of this paper is to provide some lessons for policy makers who are involved in implementing TVET projects in the developing world. It presents the findings of a study of 19 projects... More

    pp. 417-431

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  4. Assessing Botswana's first national survey on literacy with Wagner's proposed schema for surveying literacy in the ‘Third World’

    Michelle Commeyras & Bagele Chilisa

    The first national survey of literacy in Botswana was conducted in 1993 and the results were published in a 1997 government report. The survey found that 68.9% of the adult population are literate ... More

    pp. 433-446

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  5. Educating scientists in context: a Namibian case study

    Robin Burns

    Education and science have both been hailed as keys to development and ‘progress’ in the 20th century, which implies that science education in particular will open doors to such outcomes. However, ... More

    pp. 447-461

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  6. About how to reach the truth in development co-operation: ODA/DFID's education papers

    Wim Hoppers

    pp. 463-470

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