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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 20, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Marketization and privatization in mass education systems

    Geoff Whitty & Sally Power

    Recent education reform in many countries has sought to dismantle centralized educational bureaucracies to create systems that emphasize parental choice and competition between schools, thereby... More

    pp. 93-107

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  2. Marketizing higher education in post-Mao China

    Ka Ho Mok

    In the post-Mao era, reformers in the People's Republic of China have taken significant steps to privatize social welfare services. After the adoption of a socialist market system in the 1990s,... More

    pp. 109-126

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  3. Privatization of education in the Czech Republic

    Jana Švecová

    In order to better understand the process of privatisation of education as a new phenomenon in the Czech educational system the paper starts with a description of the pre-revolution characteristics... More

    pp. 127-133

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  4. Privatization and competition policies for Australian universities

    Jan Currie & Lesley Vidovich

    “Privatization” encapsulates an ideological shift towards market principles such as competition, commercialization, deregulation, efficiency and changing forms of accountability. In higher... More

    pp. 135-151

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  5. “Spitting in the wind?”: the demise of a school–business partnership

    Alison Taylor

    This paper begins from the premise that school–business partnerships are part of marketization and privatization trends within education and the broader public sphere in several western... More

    pp. 153-175

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