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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 19, Number 4

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Education sector analysis in Africa: limited national control and even less national ownership

    Joel Samoff

    Numerous and voluminous, the Africa education sector studies undertaken during the early 1990s turn out to be strikingly similar. With few exceptions, they have a common framework, approach, and... More

    pp. 249-272

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  2. Knowledges of adult literacy: surveying for competitiveness

    Richard Darville

    The International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) is now the standard for assessing population literacy levels in industrialized countries. It uses elegant conceptual and methodological procedures to ... More

    pp. 273-285

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  3. Producing educational materials in local languages: costs from Guatemala and Senegal

    Ayesha Yaqub Vawda & Harry Anthony Patrinos

    This paper examines production costs of local language materials, budgetary implications of such programs and cost-saving strategies that have and can be usefully employed in Guatemala and Senegal.... More

    pp. 287-299

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  4. Languages, development and reconstructing education in South Africa

    Kathleen Heugh

    The educational crisis in South Africa is examined against the history of language-in-education policy over the last 25 years. The Soweto student revolt in 1976 is identified as a pivotal point,... More

    pp. 301-313

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  5. Major and minor languages in complex linguistic ecologies: the Nigerian experience

    Titi Ufomata

    It is generally accepted that Nigeria has at least 400 indigenous languages in addition to English, Arabic and Pidgin. The Nigerian language space contains a variety of microcultures and many... More

    pp. 315-322

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  6. Going to a better life: perspectives on the future of language in education for San and Khoe South Africans

    Nigel Crawhall

    The 1996 South African constitution guarantees that the government will promote and protect the languages of the San and the Khoe. Of the scores of San and Khoe languages spoken by indigenous... More

    pp. 323-335

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  7. Rethinking the place of African indigenous languages in African education

    Grace Bunyi

    Using Kenya as a case study, the paper demonstrates how indigenous African languages have suffered delegitimization and devaluation in education both in colonial and post-colonial Africa.... More

    pp. 337-350

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  8. Multilingualism in democratic South Africa: the over-estimation of language policy

    Vic Webb

    The article focuses on the increasing mismatch between South Africa's stated official policy on language and its gradually evolving linguistic realities. Whereas the country's institutional... More

    pp. 351-366

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  9. Transnational migration and learning processes of Mexican adults constructing lives in California

    Karen Monkman

    This study of Mexican adults constructing lives in California examines how a transnational social context of living relates to adults' nonformal and informal learning experiences. Social network... More

    pp. 367-382

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