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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 18, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Vocational education and training in developing countries: has the World Bank got it right?

    Paul Bennell & Jan Segerstrom

    The World Bank argues that vocational education and training in developing countries is best left to individuals, enterprises and private sector training institutions with government interventions ... More

    pp. 271-287

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  2. General or vocational? The tough choice in the Chinese education policy

    Jin Yang

    China has made great efforts to vocationalise its senior secondary education in the belief that vocational education better than general education can prepare young people with the skills needed... More

    pp. 289-304

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  3. An alternative technical education system: a case study of Mexico

    Kye Woo Lee

    Many developing countries have relied on the varied forms of diversified secondary technical education as the main venue for training skilled workers and mid-level technicians. But there have been ... More

    pp. 305-317

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  4. Making educational policy under influence of external assistance and national politics — a comparative analysis of the education sector policy documents of Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia

    Tuomas Takala

    The article analyses the context and content of current national education sector policy documents from four African countries (Ethiopia, 1994; Mozambique, 1995; Namibia, 1993; Zambia, 1996). These... More

    pp. 319-335

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  5. Pre-service teachers' beliefs about and attitudes toward mathematics: the case of Dudu

    Dumma C Mapolelo

    There is a need to move beyond the use of predetermined categories to classify teachers' orientations and an attempt should be made to understand, from the teachers' perspectives, their... More

    pp. 337-346

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  6. Bedouin Arab mothers' aspirations for their children's education in the context of radical social change

    Ismael Abu-Saad, Kathleen Abu-Saad, Gillian Lewando-Hundt, Michele R Forman, Ilana Belmaker, Heinz W Berendes & David Chang

    This study examines the aspirations of Bedouin Arab mothers toward their children's educational attainment and future occupations. The study was conducted in 1991–92 among the Bedouin community in ... More

    pp. 347-359

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