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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 17, Number 3

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Promoting democratic processes in educational decision making: Reflections from Namibia's first 5 years

    Nahas Angula & Suzanne Grant Lewis

    This article is an examination of the Namibian government efforts to democratize educational decision making in the first 5 years since Independence. Particular emphasis is given to the context in ... More

    pp. 233-249

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  2. Problems facing beginning principals in developing countries: A study of beginning principals in Kenya

    Mwaya Wa Kitavi & Philip C. Van Der Westhuizen

    Beginning principals in developing countries such as Kenya face problems that differ drastically from problems faced by their counterparts in developed countries such as the U.S.A., U.K. and... More

    pp. 251-263

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  3. Becoming an independent entrepreneur in the informal sector of northern Cote d'ivoire: What role can primary schooling play?

    Joshua A. Muskin

    With under 20% of grade 6 graduates in Côte d'Ivoire proceeding to secondary school, the informal economic sector serves as a critical sector for their employment. A study of this sector reveals a ... More

    pp. 265-283

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  4. Teaching academic subjects in Swazi preschools

    Marianne Sprey, Barbara Dlamini & Jan Van Hee

    An observation study of classroom practice in 25 Swazi preschools was undertaken to study teaching in the academic subjects from the perspective of the national preschool education goals. While... More

    pp. 285-293

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  5. A basic education programme in Africa: The people's own?

    Clinton Robinson & Elisabeth Gfeller

    This paper examines the issue of community ownership with reference to an adult literacy and basic education programme in NW Zaire. After a discussion of community ownership, stressing the need for... More

    pp. 295-302

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  6. Strengthening the linkages between research and extension in agricultural higher education institutions in developing countries

    Teffera Betru & Bassam Hamdar

    This article provides background information on the conditions and limitations of the integrated system teaching, research and extension in agricultural higher education institutions in developing ... More

    pp. 303-311

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  7. A multiple regression analysis of mathematics achievement in the Dominican Republic

    Xin Ma

    The purpose of this study was to examine mathematics achievement of high school senior students in the Dominican Republic. The data (N = 1082) were collected in a national evaluation project on the... More

    pp. 313-321

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  8. The interaction between technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and economic development in advanced countries

    Geoffrey Tabbron & Jin Yang

    The economies in developed countries have been undergoing rapid transformation in the last two decades. The most important characteristics of the transformation are: the tertiarization of the... More

    pp. 323-334

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  9. Educational development in post-colonial malta: Challenges for a Mediterranean micro-state

    Ronald G. Sultana

    This article presents a critical and evaluative account of the growth of educational provision in the small Mediterranean island of Malta. Education is defined not only in terms of its contribution... More

    pp. 335-351

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  10. The interaction between the socialist market economy and technical and vocational education and training in the People's Republic of China

    Jin Yang

    p. 353

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